We deserve to know what's in our food.
A Time magazine poll in January 1999 reported that 81% of those surveyed supported the mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. [1]  A more recent ABC News poll in June 2011 showed that 93% of Americans favor mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. [2]  How is it that policy with such overwhelming popular support over such a long period of time has gone ignored?  One need not look further than the army of lobbyists representing powerful business interests that don't want to see GMO labels on food.  The major chemical companies like Monsanto and DuPont don't want consumers to know that some ingredients in the product they're buying was made from patented, genetically-modified seed.  The major snack food manufacturers don't want consumers to know that the product they're buying was made with the cheapest GMO ingredients available.

Knowing what's in your food is a basic right.  Consumers in the European Union have a right to know if their food contains GMOs, although most GMOs are not approved for human consumption.  All Chinese and Russian consumers have a right to know if their food contains GMOs.  Saudi Arabian consumers have a right to know if their food contains GMOs. [3]  But Americans have been left in the dark by companies seeking the maximize profits and the politicians who are willing to do their bidding.

This campaign starts with a list of all companies that donated more than $150,000 to oppose GMO labeling in California.  For a company to be removed from the list, it must publicly commit to supporting mandatory GMO labeling on food.

Companies to Avoid

Abbott Nutrition (source) Donated $234,500 to No on Prop 37
BASF SE (source) Donated $2,000,000 to No on Prop 37
Bayer Corporation (source) Donated $2,000,000 to No on Prop 37
Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc. (source) Donated $422,900 to No on Prop 37
Bumble Bee Foods, LLC (source) Donated $368,500 to No on Prop 37
Campbell Soup Company (source) Donated $500,000 to No on Prop 37
Cargill, Inc. (source) Donated $226,846 to No on Prop 37
ConAgra Foods, Inc. (source) Donated $1,176,700 to No on Prop 37
Dean Foods Company (source) Donated $253,950 to No on Prop 37
Del Monte Foods Company (source) Donated $674,100 to No on Prop 37
Dole Packaged Foods (source) Donated $171,261 to No on Prop 37
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co (source) Donated $5,400,000 to No on Prop 37
Flowers Foods, Inc. (source) Donated $182,000 to No on Prop 37
General Mills, Inc. (source) Donated $1,135,300 to No on Prop 37
H. J. Heinz Company (source) Donated $500,000 to No on Prop 37
Hormel Foods Corporation (source) Donated $374,300 to No on Prop 37
Kellogg Company (source) Donated $790,000 to No on Prop 37
Knouse Foods, Inc (source) Donated $164,731 to No on Prop 37
Kraft Foods Inc. (source) Donated $1,950,500 to No on Prop 37
Mars, Inc. (source) Donated $376,650 to No on Prop 37
McCormick & Company, Inc. (source) Donated $248,200 to No on Prop 37
Monsanto Company (source) Donated $8,112,867 to No on Prop 37
Nestlé S.A. (source) Donated $1,315,600 to No on Prop 37
Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. (source) Donated $387,100 to No on Prop 37
PepsiCo Inc. (source) Donated $2,145,400 to No on Prop 37
Pinnacle Foods Group LLC (source) Donated $266,100 to No on Prop 37
Rich Products Corporation (source) Donated $225,537 to No on Prop 37
Sara Lee Corporation (source) Donated $343,600 to No on Prop 37
Smithfield Foods Inc. (source) Donated $683,900 to No on Prop 37
Syngenta AG (source) Donated $2,000,000 to No on Prop 37
The Coca-Cola Company (source) Donated $1,700,500 to No on Prop 37
The Dow Chemical Company (source) Donated $2,000,000 to No on Prop 37
The Hershey Company (source) Donated $493,900 to No on Prop 37
The J.M. Smucker Company (source) Donated $485,000 to No on Prop 37
Unilever PLC (source) Donated $372,100 to No on Prop 37
Wrigley Company (source) Donated $237,664 to No on Prop 37
[ - ] DailyBread 5 points,

Hi everyone....It may be more fruitful to encourage companies that do not use gmo products in their food to label the packaging.If it is true that 90+% of consumers want to know if gmo's are in their food, it's a no-brainer...We encourage companies with our pocketbook.

[ - ] Bonnie 2 points,

 Join the campaign "Support Prop 37 Donors" for a list of companies that donated at least $10K to help California's Prop 37. "Say No to GMO - Monsanto Products Boycott; Non-GMO Buycott" also has a longer list of those companies without GMO's, or who have donated to help labeling laws.

[ - ] gdeluca 3 points,
Silk milk has gmo labelling on their cartons
[ - ] ashleyspringer12 2 points,
I'm so happy to have found this app :) Not so happy it's necessary to have this app in the first place.
[ - ] ForgmoEducation 2 points,
Can someone please tell me why it is important to label GMOs? Also, are we against chemicals or genetically modifying? They are not the same thing to me.
[ - ] karen.aguayo 1 points,

The majority of GMO/GE crops in the US are, in fact, treated with toxic chemicals. And there are studies that suggest GE food products are very harmful in many ways. And, it's our right to know what is going into our bodies. Food is just as important to life as air and water. 

[ - ] jennifer.rogers.31924 1 points,

Hi! Thanks for putting this campaign together. However, to better utilize it I was hoping you could add some companies to Buycott who support GMO labeling. Such as: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Stoneyfield Farms, Organic Valley, Amy's Kitchen, Robeks Smoothies, Earth Balance, Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill, Eden Foods, Numi Organic Tea, Lundberg Family Farms

[ - ] weaselman 1 points,

We have to remember to back up every boycott with reason.  Can you provide documentation as to why those companies should be added to the list?

[ - ] icykat 1 points,

I believe they meant add to the "buycott" list, not the boycott list. To buycott is to buy from those companies. I would second on the Amy's Kitchen; as the company is strictly vegetarian and has vowed never to use GMOs. To add companies who oppose GMOs would be a nice option, so that consumers would know what to buy as opposed to only knowing what not to buy. (:

[ - ] organic 1 points,

Check this one out, I tried to formulate a list on the good side and the not good side http://buycott.com/campaign/401/yes-to-organic-nongmo-no-to-monsanto-gmo-safe-food-list

[ - ] onq247 1 points,
[ - ] laura.clay 1 points,
Light life does not have gmo.
[ - ] bryce-carmony 1 points,

Life started as a modification of Genetics, evolution is based on the principle. if Genetics were never modified there would be no life let alone evolution to create us. 

[ - ] emibub92 1 points,
Can someone help me understand how to use this app thanks you
[ - ] truthseeker132 1 points,
New design everyone!!! :D
[ - ] tempchennai 1 points,

If you see HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) in any product, you can be sure that it is made of GMOs.High Fructose Corn Syrup: Clue to Bee Colony Collapse Disorder?http://www.mpbn.net/News/MaineNewsArchive/tabid/181/ctl/ViewItem/mid/3475/ItemId/28310/Default.aspx

[ - ] stoney28z 1 points,

Monasanto has done nothing but make harmful products.Not one of the things they make is not harmful. I can't belive they are still in business.

[ - ] kwtmoh 1 points,
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[ - ] shamshadtahir 1 points,
an amazing one I love it.
[ - ] danielquinn 1 points,
We don't need blanket GMO labeling. we need responsible regulations about GMO products. Suicide seeds are a terrible idea, but tomatoes that take longer to go bad ate an excellent idea. This fear mongering around all GMO products does nothing but sew disinformation.
[ - ] mirosan 1 points,

@Danielquinn Look this is exactly why we need GMO labelling. You have the right to know what is in your food & products so you can do your research and make your own decision. Simple don't you think? I don't need or want to convince you. But we all have a right to proper labelling

[ - ] karen.aguayo 1 points,

Um, I think you mean "sow", not "sew". And, no, tomatoes that take longer to go bad are not a "good idea". They are unnatural. Some people do not consider that "good", at all. And I, for one, would like to know when there is anything unnatural (synthetic pesticides, GM ingredients, processed/fake foods) in any product... So I can choose not to buy it.

[ - ] nekeeyab 1 points,
Silk milk is now apart of the No GMO Project, with No GMO labeling on the cartons. Now what??
[ - ] Kennit 1 points,

I was just about to comment about this. There's no need to have compliant products coming up as a conflict when you scan them. Is there any way to update the database to reflect the companies who have begun labelling?

[ - ] david.mohr.75 1 points,

I think you should change your website as cott is a soft drink manufacturer similar to coke.David Mohr

[ - ] tantralane 1 points,

are there any laws in the US at all about labeling gmo's in our food?Please contact the stores asking them not to stock these foods and not to support these company's that make these foods.

[ - ] la.hechicera 1 points,

I see many products labeled NONGMO VERIFIED yet they use CANOLA OIL in preparing their products. Garden of Eatin is one of those companies. How can that be? Canola oil (RAPESEED OIL) originally was used in chemicals and is posion. Canada genetically altered the rapeseed to produce canola oil. There is no such thing as a canola.The oil has been blamed for many health issues. It takes several years to show it's full health issues.

[ - ] trikta36 1 points,
need a Palm oil, toxin dye and also a steroid/antibiotics thread.
[ - ] nisedreemz 1 points,
Instead of forcing companies to label their products, which they clearly don't want to do. Why not encourage companies to over label their products when they are organic, or conform to healthy lifestyles. Screw GMO labeling. How about a certain color for organic food boxes and products. There is still only one way to change the world and that is to stop paying for the crap we know is crap.
[ - ] karen.aguayo 1 points,

There's nothing to stop noon-organic companies from mashing their boxes the same color. I agree, it's important to research the food we use to nourish ourselves. But, it's time consuming and there are very busy people in this country. Even stay-at-home Moms. 

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[ - ] monabrown 1 points,
[ - ] xxxbleepkrigglexxx 1 points,
My silk milk has the no gmo label on it now, which I trust but the app still says that it does have gmos I think that's needs to get re-evaluated
[ - ] hertawhupfeld 1 points,
I work at one of the largest Grocery chains in the country. Not proud of it but it's a job. I just want to say the Very Best Way to get at these suits is to grow your own food. I know not everyone wants to but it doesn't take much for a small garden. Than any other products you might need you can but at say a grocery discount store or a CO-OP. Start one in your area. Buy farmers markets. I do and I also buy some stuff at the store I work at.
[ - ] karen.aguayo 1 points,

I completely agree with you. But, there are some people who have a "black thumb", as I like to call it. 

[ - ] Summer69 1 points,
Exactly what dailybread said !!!! A no- brainer, money in the bank......
[ - ] jeru 1 points,
we need GMO labeling!
[ - ] telboy 1 points,
Hell no to GMO