This campaign will help you identify companies that support LGBTQ equality and those that do not. ***Recently Updated***
This is a simple campaign, aimed at providing you with companies that support equal rights for the LGBTQ community and those that do not!

Companies to Support

3M (source) Received a 100 on HRC buying guide
Absolut Vodka (source)
Avon (source) Received 100 on HRC buying guide
Bayer (source) Received an 80 on HRC buying guide
Brown-Forman (source) Received a score of 100 on HRC's buying guide
Caterpillar (source) Cut support to BSA because of their discrimination
Clorox (source) Received a 100 rating on HRC's buying guide
Delhaize America, Inc. (source) Received a 100 on HRC's buying guide
Diageo (source) Received a 100 on HRC's buying guide
E & J Gallo Winery, Inc. (source) Received a 100 on HRC's buying guide
Glaxo Smith Kline Inc (source) Received 100 on HRC buying guide
Johnson & Johnson (source) Received a 100 on HRC's buying guide
Kenneth Cole (source) Went "red" for equality
Kraft Foods (source) Received a 100 on HRC's buiyng guide
MillerCoors LLC (source) Received a 100 on HRC's buying guide
The Procter & Gamble Company (source) Received a 90 on HRC buying guide
Sears, Roebuck and Co. (source) Received a 100 in HRC buying guide
Starbucks Corporation (source)
Target (source) Received a 100 on HRC buying guide
Unilever (source) Received a 100 on HRC buying guide

Companies to Avoid

A&P Usa (source) Received a 0 on HRC buying guide
Chick-fil-A (source)
CHS Inc. (source) Received a 0 on HRC's buying guide
Constellation Brands New Zealand (source) Received a 0 on HRC's buying guide
Exxon Mobil Corporation (source)
The J.M. Smucker Company (source) Received a 0 on HRC's buying guide
[ - ] slshults 1 points,

Target list is woefully inadequate. Step up.

[ - ] FlyingP4dre 1 points,

Yes, Target is not pro LGBT.

[ - ] lionsblood 1 points,
Hahaha you people make me sick. Burn in hell
[ - ] luckyshot572 1 points,

What is your qualification for what makes a company a supporter of Equality vs an Opponent?

[ - ] jeremysemail77 2 points,

The sources that are cited which are public knowledge is what I'm basing this on!

[ - ] redcowboyboots 1 points,
Scanned Barilla pasta and it came up conflict free. So inaccurate.
[ - ] Jeffrey_The_Ginger 1 points,
I love living in Canada. But I have friends in the US who can't get married yet so yeah I'll totally support this. Target makes my anti-gay gaydar ring off the charts! Lol.
[ - ] Savethekids 1 points,
I find it very odd that this group wants you to support JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Johnson and Johson, etc. they have done more harm to everyone in this country, including gays, with their lobbying than Chick-fil-a
[ - ] Shungaboy 1 points,

Please add Jelly Belly as company to avoid.

[ - ] HootWhiteOwl 1 points,
Support gay rights ? No respect then yes ! & if this app isn't accurate on deprecating GMOS FROM GMOS FREE this is an set up By the govrn to see who's strongly awake & against them here In the US OF g(A)y ,..
[ - ] possumattack 1 points,
Homophobes are completely morally disgusting and I would not be sad at all if they were collectively purged from the Earth ^_^ That said, the list could do with a little touching up as others have mentioned
[ - ] possumattack 1 points,
I do not know how that comment was spammed so much but I sincerely apologize
[ - ] Amir93 1 points,
Shame on you guys. Gay is not the way of life. It itself is not healthy and destroy human moral. C'mon! Did animal do this? (LGBTQ?) shame on you guys that support LGBTQ. Worst than animal and besides animals have no brains. Think again and again. We do have choice. Islam is the way of life. Benefit your life. Don't simply destroy it.
[ - ] sg86 1 points,
The "companies to support" list seems really inaccurate, this seems like a scam
[ - ] Nini701 1 points,
I have two moms, one of them is also trans. I was looking at the comments and I saw a lot of negativity. Love is love!!! Who are you to try to define others? Even my little sister could see that at age 5! It is you who are sickening. It is none of your business what other people's romantic lives are like, with the exception of yourself, your significant other, and any minor children you have. My mom is a beautiful person, and if you can't see that, then you aren't looking. Please try to be more open-minded and considerate in the future. If you don't believe in it, don't join.
[ - ] farihah 1 points,
Hello. Hi. Peace. Just wanna say that, please do not change the way how human suppose to live. Allah had created us perfectly and don't you ever deny His creation. One thing, how can we build new generation if LGBT keep continuing? think!
[ - ] hamza_aziz 1 points,
LGBTQ are sick and disgusting! You make me sick you dirty creatures!!!
[ - ] Nini701 1 points,
Quoting hamza_aziz: "LGBTQ you are sick and discusting! You make me sick you dirty creatures!!!" Woah. Substitute 'LGBTQ' with 'black' (or 'Asian' or 'people with glasses' or any other group of people) and reread it. I'm not trying to turn you into and advocate for gay/lesbian rights. All I want you to see is that your words are unnecessarily cruel. It is NEVER acceptable to target a group, any group, of people with your hate. You don't have to like it. You don't have to understand or agree with it. But as a member of our society, you do need to except it. Thanks in advance. P.S. to all you homophobic people: please do us all a favor and shut up. That's all.
[ - ] lavaheart 1 points,
aromanic asexual and proud to support people who seek love in all forms it takes on. (as long as they refrain from making out in public x3 that means you hetros! get a friggin room! :p )
[ - ] trulyegg 1 points,
I just wanted to say, although Unilever PLC May support LGBTQ, they also support child slavery, GMO and other harmful toxins, I request you hold back on supporting them. Thank you for your time and consideration.
[ - ] roccozazzarino 1 points,

Can't wait for the new Chick-fil-A to open up. But to eat there every day, I'll need to buy more gas from Exxon.

[ - ] FlyingP4dre 1 points,

Please add more companies! :)There is a list here of companies who oppose DOMA.

[ - ] larsnaesbye 1 points,

Yes, I think for this campaign to be truly useful it must include more companies. There are many IT companies that promote LGBTQ equality, for example.

[ - ] vilderainbow 1 points,
Hi I just read an article saying Dolce & Gabanna is against gay people having children though they are gay themselves, should you -if possible- add them to the boycott category? Heres a lnk to the article:
[ - ] jamesantonhake 1 points,
Joining so that I know who else to support in the fight against radical homosexuals who hate Christians, hate freedom, and hate America. I love chick-fil-a and I guess I love Exxon-Mobil too.
[ - ] bumblebadger 1 points,
I am gay and proud , one of the best films I have watched lately is pride, people should watch this they will see what gay people can be like
[ - ] shannon-khalifeh 1 points,
I suggest that Sanitarium is Boycotted. It is a company owned by seventh day adventist, who do not support the lgbtq community and against the 'gay agenda' haha
[ - ] msgoodwin 1 points,
I'm a firm believer of the concept of voting with our money; however, I believe, and I imagine that a lot of people believe that companies we should "support" is a topic of study. Unilever, for example should NOT be supported as they have poisoned their impoverished wage slaves and their native land, and more importantly our fucking planet with toxic mercury. Done. While the social plight of the lgbt community matters to me, we cannot make love if we're dead...
[ - ] SensibleAmerican 0 points,
hey faggots.