See if the clothes and products you buy are known to use sweatshop or child labor and verify those that go the extra mile for fair labor.
No one, or almost no one, wants to support sweatshop or child labor and most people want to pay a fair price for clothing and other items but how can one know if a given product is made under sweatshop or similar practices?  This issue and its challenges have been further highlighted with the string of recent disasters in Bangladesh and the subsequent public discovery of companies that were sourcing their garments from these factories.  Buying clothes and other products with ethical sourcing in mind is even more challenging given the complex and murky system of contractors, sub contractors, and still more sub-contractors.

As we source companies and verify their practices to the best of our ability we will add them to this campaign.  We'll add the companies that you can trust because they go to great lengths to follow and verify fair practices as well as those companies that you may want to avoid because they are known to use sweatshop or child labor.  We'll also add companies that "accidentally" use these poor labor practices because they don't care to investigate where they source their products.

We're just starting out and will add & grow the campaign but we have to start somewhere and we have to start now in order to stop supporting these practices.

Educate yourself on the real cost of our cheap clothing etc.

Companies to Support

American Apparel Inc. (source) A commitment to be sweatshop free and have transparency within their factory. But they have come under fire for multiple sexual harassment charges against their founder & top executive etc.
Homeboy Industries (source) Opperate several businesses in LA (cafe, screen printing, lawn care, etc.) all staffed by former gang members as part of their exit from gangs. Proceeds go to social services & tattoo removal for former gang members. Also verified via personal site visit
New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. (source) Made In USA collection that say "Made in the USA" are made in a factory in Maine under generally fair labor practices.

Companies to Avoid

Banana Republic (source) Banana Republic is owned by The Gap, Inc. which refuses to sign the Bangladesh safety agreement. See the comments under The Gap Corp. for more info.
Hershey's (source) Gets much of its cocoa from West African suppliers sourcing from farms built on illegal child and forced labor.
Nike, Inc. (source) Workers making shoes say they were abused. Supervisors threw shoes at them, slapped them in the face, kicked them and called them dogs and pigs. Nike admits such abuse among the factory contractors but says there was little it could do.
The Gap, Inc. (source) Gap refuses to sign independent industry accord to improve & validate labor conditions in Bangladesh. Gap has said it supports the accord but wants to avoid the legally binding language given the litigious nature of the U.S.
Walmart (source) Uses 279 factories in Bangladesh, which has the lowest hourly wages in the world, and Walmart refuses to sign a new industry promoted worker safety deal for Bangladesh.
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Apple should be on this list also as all of their hardware is made by foxcon a chinese based child labor using electronics sweatshop

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What happens to the people working in sweatshops if we shut the sweatshop down?  If this is the best job they can get, how will they buy their family any food?

[ - ] aparmstrong 2 points,

The campaign is not to shutter factories that are alraedy open and operating as sweatshops but rather to encourage companies to look into their sourcing.  The hope is that consumers will be more educated and thus influence companies to demand that their suppliers use ethical practices and pay fair wages under humane working conditions.  Hopefully people working in the sweatshops can become people working in a factory instead of a sweatshop and then their "best job they can get" will become a good job enabling them to better provide for their family.   When some of our fellow humans are barely subsisting others should not be engrossed in excess.  We all share a common human dignity.

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As a clothing company owner, finding materials that pay fair wages and treat workers well is extremely difficult. That is why we have decided to source from America, as well as to sustain our own local economy. I believe American Apparel is doing a much better job than most clothing companies - especially with their aim in helping local organic cotton farmers with their Sustainability Line. American Apparel treats their workers well and offers jobs to many here in Los Angeles. I just thought I would share from a small business owners point of view since I research for the highest life qualityOrganic materials I can print on.
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Also, since American Apparel does make it on your list I would like to know why. Thank you kindly. Sarah Esoteric Clothing