1) Association with the murders of union officials in South America that opposed them, 2) Willfull destruction of water sources in India.
Soft drinks are far from healthy, but the real reason to boycott Coca-Cola has to do with their crimes against humanity. Evidence uncovered by investigative journalist and author Michael Blanding has shown Coca-Cola may have been complicit with paramilitary murders of union members in South America, while draining and polluting local water sources in India and Mexico.[iv] Why haven’t you heard about this before? Coca-Cola spends nearly $3 billion a year on advertising to keep its iconic image[v] … ‘nuff said.

In India

Of the 200 countries where Coca-Cola is sold, India  has the fastest-growing market, but the adverse environmental impacts of its operations there have subjected the parent company and its local bottlers to a fire storm of criticism and protest. There has been a growing outcry against Coca-Cola's production practices in India, which are draining out vast amounts of public groundwater and turning farming communities into virtual deserts. Suicide rates among Indian farmers whose livelihoods are being destroyed are growing at an alarming rate. Every day for years there has been some form of protest, from large demonstrations to small vigils, against Coca-Cola's abuses in India.

We ask Coca Cola to cease any activity that is destroying ground water sources in India.

For more background on this topic click here:  http://killercoke.org/

Companies to Avoid

The Coca-Cola Company (source) Polute water supplies in India and Mexico
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http://killercoke.org/This is the page to explain the reasons why you should boycott this killer giant.

[ - ] healthyflavours2 1 points,
This garbage is also used as a pesticide in INDIA!!!! What does that tell you??
[ - ] iloveturtles 1 points,
Live positively ?? More like diabetes positive lol
[ - ] jaidsmithysy 1 points,
I can't believe I've been buying this product for years and been drinking it soo much never ever buying this product again!!!
[ - ] lukehtfc 1 points,
The real reason to boycott Coca cola is because it give large sums of their profit to Israel which funds the occupation
[ - ] stardustcyanide 1 points,
Don't Indian farmers use coke as a pesticide?
[ - ] ronnie147smith 1 points,
Boycott all isreali products, also all those companies who support the Zionist, racist, baby killers... These are the REAL TERRORIST !!! FREE FREE PALESTINE... Those of you around world, AVOID all these listed products and companies... This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT messages you will ever read and if you act upon it, Insha'Allah we can defeat the Zionists. Israel, with a population of a mere 7 million people, challenges and overcomes a population of 2 billion Muslims. This is why: - At iftari time or when we go to a wedding there are bottles of COCA-COLA or LILT on the table. - When we Muslims wake up, almost all of us brush our teeth with COLGATE and eat NESTLE cereals. - When we bathe our babies we use JOHNSON & JOHNSON & change their nappies with HUGGIES. - When we go shopping for groceries we go to TESCO OR SAINSBURYS. - when we shop for clothes we go to RIVER ISLAND, MARKS AND SPENCERS. - When we are thirsty we drink EVIAN or VOLVIC - We use L'OREAL and CLINIQUE when we use face or hair products . - We go to STARBUCKS or drink NESCAFÉ when we want some caffeine. - When we crave for chocolate we buy NESTLE products such as KITKAT, or QUALITY STREETS. - when we are hungry we buy ice cream or food from McDonald's. Have YOU ever paused to think that ALL of these are Zionist owned companies who openly support the Israeli army and contribute millions of pounds to them. From the time Muslims wake up every morning till we go to bed we are slaves of the Zionists products. How do WE expect to be liberated when WE CANT even liberate OURSELVES!!!! During Ramadan we sacrifice food and drink for 30 days we have tremendous self-restraint. Surely it should be easy to sacrifice our desires of Zionists goods. STOP contributing to your OWN destruction. If you can't stop patronising them, then stop this hypocritical whining of Zionist double standards when you YOURSELVES practise double standards!!! We need to teach our kids ourselves not to buy Zionists products. Don't be tempted by their buy 1 get one free or special offers. Let's hurt them in their pockets with our army of 2 Billion Muslims! We can wipe off billions and billions of pounds off their profits if we stick to the boycotts. The next time you get tempted to buy a Zionist products, THINK of yourself as paying for the harassment and death of Palestinians, and how much you cried for them..remember buying their goods means supporting the Israeli army and the Zionist government to build new settlements!! We will win this war INSHAA ALLAH! They have endured their children dying infront of them.. Imagine living without our children. Send it to every contact .. Even the ones you are unsure about and spread the world ..let's get it global. Next time you go into a shop or takeway and see a Muslim behind the counter tell him to stop selling Coca cola and point him to all the other Zionists products. Boycott TESCOs. Those people in Bradford..think 80% of the people who shop there are Muslims. If everyone stop going there they would shut within 12 months ... Let's set a precedent and let the world know how we get together we can bring the TESCO's DOWN and anyone else!! We have All had the list of companies to boycott .. They can be searched on google. If you want to go a step further print leaflets of all the companies and put them up in shops and Mosques. Spread the word please . Look at what lots of non Muslims are doing for the Palestinians. Click on the link below. http://www.boycottisraelnetwork.net JK It's time to make a stance. It's time to strike back at the Zionists. Be part of the fight.
[ - ] Abeda.A 1 points,
I knew that we shouldn't trust such companies. They always have a dodgy way of doing things. I hope they have a loss, they deserve doing what they do. Shame on you.
[ - ] nabil123 1 points,
How do you boycott this?
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I love coca cola fuck the farmers
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Stop supporting isreal now
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This cruelty towards Indian and Mexican farmers. Mainly boycotting this crap because they support Israel.
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Coca Cola are funding Israel with weapons to fight against Palestine and mostly the children and babies
[ - ] zina.16 1 points,
I want to boycott it but at the same time I love it :(
[ - ] lekir 1 points,
i boycott this product because it support israel
[ - ] Arshad123 1 points,
I boycott this product because of the profit that Israel make out of the item which they use to buy modern weapons to kill innocent Palestine's
[ - ] Ayah 1 points,
supporters of israhell !
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I boycott this product because it doesn't give any benefit to our health and it supports Israel
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killercoke ??
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boycott coke...........hail Palestinians may Allah guide them n help them.shame on Israel always remember u know Quran and you will not be spared according to Quran............ ............... .
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Palestinian babies and mothers are getting killed by this products funding #cruel#nasty😡
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Boykot Mc donalds !!!!!!!!!!!!
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CONFIRMED NEWS? This may be very sad news for Pepsi and Coke addicts, till now it was taken as a myth, or a rumour, but now it has been confirmed even by Abu Dhabi that Coke and Pepsi contains a little part of Alcohol! And let it be a drop or a whole bottle, Its HARAM to drink this, so Muslims, please Boycott all this type of product !! Kill your self desire. for reference/proof: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/health/colas-in-uae-comply-with-required-standards-abu-dhabi-food-control-authority-1.1041829 SHARE This to all Muslim
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Everyone on whatsapp, instagram and other social feeds are sharing loads about Palestine and the people of Gaza but this petition has only managed to gather 2,458 signatures! Raising awareness isn't going to help the people of Palestine much. Let's be a little pro-active and try to dent the Israelis. Sign the petition link and share with as many people. Don't do it later, do it done now. Share with your contacts http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/62333 Once a 100,000 signatures have reached it must be debated in parliament at the very least it will get some air time and it takes less than two minutes I just did mine and the total is 26,748. Need more!!!!! Make sure you check your email for confirmation or else your vote will not count.
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guys its not only dat coca cola contains alcohol. it contains pork (pig/swine). n dis is a proved/confirmed news. n it has a lot of side effects such as damages in da teeth/tooth, it makes fat n gets u a bigger stumoch, ur skin will b older dan u, etc......... a small bottle of coca cola contains abouts 28 big blocked sugers, a medium sized bottle contains about 44 big block packets of suger, a larger one contains about 68 big block packets of sugar..... n dats nt gud for our body............ so its better if v all could avoid coca cola...... i guess dat could make a change in da world so dat da people could survive...... BOYCOTT COCA COLA...........
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Stop the massacre: London demo, 26th July 2014. FREE FREE PALESTINE... STOP THE MASSACRE IN GAZA END THE ARMS TRADE WITH ISRAEL – SANCTIONS NOW! Date: Saturday 26 July Assemble outside the Israeli embassy at midday (High Street Kensington, London) For march to Parliament Rally at Parliament at 2.30pm Stop the massacre More than 600 Palestinians have been killed and more than 3,000 injured since 7 July, when the Israeli army launched its military operation on Gaza. On 20 July alone, Israeli troops massacred 67 Palestinians in the Shejaiya district east of Gaza City. The UK government is refusing to act to end the slaughter, and respect Palestinian lives. The new Foreign Secretary said “Israel has the right to defend itself”. Israel is not defending itself: this attack on Gaza is simply the latest stage in a long, brutal, illegal, military occupation. We demand that the British government calls for an immediate end of Israel’s action – which is fundamentally based on the collective punishment of the Palestinian people. Sanctions now Israel is in violation of international law with its attack on the civilian population. The UK should be making clear that unless Israel ends this bloody campaign it will move to impose sanctions, in particular that it will not buy or supply military equipment that has or could be used or tested as part of its illegal occupation or as part of the collective punishment of the Palestinian people. As part of our campaign we should target firms which are complicit with Israel’s war industry. End the arms trade with Israel – Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Some of the munitions Israel is currently deploying may not be specifically prohibited under international humanitarian law, but according to B’Tselem, “rules of humanitarian law render their use in the Gaza Strip illegal. One of the most fundamental principles is the obligation to distinguish between those who are involved and those who are not involved” Latest News 100,000 march on Israeli embassy BBC forced to ask: 'Do we favour Israel?' 5,000 block traffic outside BBC over Gaza coverage National Demo for Gaza - 19th July Chomsky, Pilger and Loach call on BBC to reflect reality of Gaza's occupation Events 22 JUL Protest: Stop the massacre in Gaza – Free Palestine Opposite the Israeli Embassy in London London 26 JUL March & Rally for Gaza. Free Palestine! Opposite the Israeli Embassy in London London View all events Recent activity on Twitter - See more at: http://www.palestinecampaign.org/next-london-demo-26th-july/#sthash.rd2YkvNm.dpuf
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I wonder as a Human, what will happened if all of us became mahatma Gondi. Israelis are terrorists. They have dark history of war crimes against civilians. Not only that, but also they deny the palestinians right of resistance of any type. Morally speaking, it is a global responsibility to teach them good lessons of respect. We have to hurt them deep. Economy is the key.