This campaign aims to encourage consumers to purchase sustainable seafood products and to buycott products caught unsustainably.
This campaign aims to educate consumers about the seafood products that they purchase. Some companies take environmental and animal welfare issues into consideration when fishing or harvesting from the ocean. Others do not. Support the companies that do and don't spend your money on companies that do not!

Unsustainable fishing, or overfishing, is when fish stocks have been depleted to unacceptable levels. This occurs when fish stocks are managed inefficiently and without respect to long term sustainability.
Overfishing can result from a number of factors, mismanagement of fish stocks, illegal, unreported or unregulated (IUU) fishing, subsidization of fishing fleets that results in overfishing or many other number of reasons.

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Companies to Support

American Tuna (source) Marine Stewardship Council Certified
AquaStar (source) MSC Certified
Bar Harbor (source) Marine Stewardship Council Certification
Msc Certified (source) Partnership with Marine Stewardship Council
Natural Sea (source) 100% Pole and Line caught Tuna
Vital Choice (source) Marine Stewardship Council Certified Sustainable

Companies to Avoid

Bumble Bee Foods, LLC (source) Not MSC certified, use of indiscriminate purse seine nets and longlines
Chicken of the Sea (source) Use of indiscriminate Purse Seine Nets, FADs and Long Lines
StarKist (source) Use of indiscriminate Purse Seine Nets, FADs and Long Lines
[ - ] VeganCaroline 2 points,
My boyfriend is the seafood ATL for Whole Foods, and he is living and breathing this every day. If we don't aim for sustainable fishing and stop polluting our oceans with chemicals and plastics, we won't have fish in the sea in 50 years. Yep, 50 years. It's serious! Boycott overfishers and polluters!
[ - ] gabriela 1 points,

I personally don't buy or eat any seafood because I think it tastes gross, but this is an awesome campaign! Just wanted to show some support. :)

[ - ] wolfdude101 1 points,
I'm not a big fan of sea food so it is easy for me to boycott it
[ - ] kathtmichelle 1 points,
As a commercial fisherman's wife - the U.S. does oversee fishing/crabbing. The last thing a commercial fisherman wants is stocks depleted so they are unable to make a living. Just a thought - I would look to the poachers and people fishing illegally for overfishing. The commercial seafood industry IS heavily regulated already.
[ - ] consciouseater123 1 points,
Boycott all sea food and animal products!!