Boycott products from companies that either publicly support or are headquartered in Tea Party districts.
Money = Politics = Money.  By boycotting products from companies that either support or are headquartered in Tea Party districts our campaign will effectively divert monies from going to campaigning, electing, supporting, or growing the Tea Party.

Companies that support the Tea Party would include those that have:
  • Knowingly and intentionally donated,either directly or indirectly, to Tea Party candidates or Tea Party causes.
  • Knowingly and intentionally publicly announced support for specific Tea Party candidates or Tea Party causes.
  • Parent companies that do any of the above

We will also boycott products from companies that are headquartered in districts across the United States that have elected Tea Party candidates to Congress.

Companies to Avoid

Koch Industries (source) David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch and Koch Industries are providing financial and organizational support to the Tea Party movement through Americans for Prosperity.
[ - ] eagleofjade 2 points,

You need to add the following businesses. They are owned by Art Pope who has come in and decimated NC Politics with teabaggers: Store Maxway Store Super 10 Store Super Dollar Store Bargain Town Store Treasure Mart Store Bills Dollar Store Super Saver Store Value Mart Store Pope Store

[ - ] BJConner43 1 points,   Wikipedia has  a list of all the congressional districts held by teabaggers.  It's going to take research to find the products.  Most districts are formed by gerrymandering and have 3 r3rd world economys.

[ - ] kmtramel 1 points,
Why are you boycotting the Tea Party? Seriously. Just wondering.
[ - ] mrsnathan.boggs_1 1 points,
If you think boycotting us, the tea party, is going to deter us in any way, your problems are bigger than you thought they were.
[ - ] gershon.wolf 1 points,
good idea!