This campaign is about ordinary people around the world using their right to choose what they buy in order to help bring about an end to oppression in Palestine. It's a peaceful means of putting international pressure on the state of Israel and follows in the footsteps of the successful boycott against the South African apartheid. The boycott is not directed at any religious or ethnic group, but rather it is directed at those companies that are supporting the occupation of Palestine.

People of good conscience all around the world support the boycott. Trade Unions around the world, including the UK's biggest trade union UNISON with its 1.4 million members, have called for a boycott of all Israeli goods.

Christian groups like Christian Aid have joined the boycott demanding an end to EU - Israel trade agreements. And Jewish groups such as B'Tselem and Gush Shalom have launched their own boycott of Israeli goods.

This campaign will continue until Israel complies with the precepts of international law by

1. Ending its occupation of Palestine and dismantling the Wall.

2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality.

3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.

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Companies to Support

Al-Muqadasa Fair Trade Producers’ Company (source) Palestinian olive grower's cooperative olive oil
LUSH (source) The UK-based international cosmetics firm LUSH has endorsed a single aimed at raising awareness of the struggle for human rights in Palestine. In an appeal in the “Ethical Campaigns” section on its website
Taybeh Brewing Company (source) Palestinian-owned winery and brewery in the West Bank
Zaytoun CIC (source) UK-based fair trade company that imports dates, couscous, and olive oils from Palestine

Companies to Avoid

AB Volvo (source) Products are used in violation of international law to demolish Palestinian homes
Ace Hardware (source) The chain owns a store in the Israeli settlement of Ma'ale Edomim in the West Bank.
Ahava (source) Ahava manufactures its cosmetics in a factory in the illegal Mitzpe Shalem settlement in the occupied West Bank. However, Ahava labels its skin care products imported into the EU as originating from “The Dead Sea, Israel.
Amir Foods (source) The company has 32 branches, at least one of which is in an Israeli settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley: Tomer
AOL Inc. (source) Over the last 10 years AOL has invested well over half a billion dollars in Israel. In recognition, it was awarded the Jubilee Award in 1998 by the Israeli Prime Minister.
Barkan wine cellars ltd. (source) Own vineyards in the occupied Golan Heights.
Blockbuster (source) Operate video and DVD rental vending machines in the following settlements in the West Bank: Ariel, Giv'at Ze'ev, Ma'ale Edomim, Sha'arei Tikva
Burger King (source) Burger King opened a restaurant in the West Bank settlement of Ma'ale Adumim. This settlement was built illegally on land seized from Muslims and Christians by Israel after it conquered the territory around Jerusalem in 1967
Carrefour SA (source) Many private label Carrefour products are imported from Israel (e.g. baby wipes, orange juice pulp, wine)
Caterpillar (source) Caterpillar makes the Bulldozers that destroy Palestinian homes in the West bank and Gaza
Chateau Diana (source) The winery resides in Moshav Eliad, at the south of the occupied Golan Heights. The winery's vineyard is also located in the Golan Heights
Contico (source) Whilst the profits end up in Israel, not all the products are produced in Israel, for example Allibert has factories in France & Belgium, whilst Curver has factories in Poland & Hungary.l, 2 of which are in the illegal settlements
Covenant Group (source) one company in the group, was contracted to build tunnel 3A in section D of the fast Tel Aviv- Jerusalem railroad (A1)
Danone (source) In July 1998 Danone opened its R&D facility in Israel the Danone Insitute, and later the same year in October 1998 Mr. Franck Riboud, on behalf of Danone received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.[Jubilee Award]
Delta (source) Delta-Galil also makes half its sales to M & S, they amounted to $180 million last year. M&S intends to increase its purchases from Delta by 20%. M&S are massive Israel supporters
Eden Foods (source) Israeli water cooler company that in Israel steals water from the Salukia spring in the the illegally occupied Syrian Golan Heights.
Eden Springs Norway As (source) The company uses water from a spring in the occupied Golan Heights. The main plant is located in Katzrin I.Z
Estee Lauder (source) Estée Lauder's chairman, Ronald Lauder, also one time chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations[2], is the current president of the Jewish National Fund
Estee Lauder Companies Inc. (source) Estée Lauder's chairman, Ronald Lauder, is the current president of the Jewish National Fund, a quasi-governmental agency whose main function is to legitimize Israeli occupation of Palestinian land
Falcon (source) The company supplied the control systems for the separation wall arround Jerusalem, in cooperation with Elbit Systems
Ford Motor Co/parts & Service (source) Ford vehicles are in use by the ‘Caracal’ military unit. Caracal is a combat unit which patrols the occupied section of the Jordan Valley
Garrett Metal Detectors (source) Walk-through metal detectors of the company are installed in military checkpoints in the West Bank
General Mills (source) One of the plants producing Company's products is Shalgal, in the Atarot industrial zone, which is an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank
Genie (source) three years exclusive petroleum exploration license in the occupied Golan Heights
Golan Heights Winery (source) Company headquarters and most of the company's vineyards are located in the occupied Golan Heights
Hadiklaim Israel Date Growers Cooperative Ltd (source) he biggest dates' exporter in Israel. Some of the company’s dates originate from the occupied Jordan Valley and Dead Sea area. Dates from the Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council
Hadiklaim Israel Date Growers Cooperative Ltd (source) Israeli Date Grower's Cooperative which includes illegal settler plantations in the Jordan Valley. Sells 70% of all Israeli dates.
Hewlett-Packard Company (source) HP provides ongoing support and maintenance to a biometric ID system installed in Israeli checkpoints in the occupied West Bank
HKS Marketing, Ltd. (source) Leading importer of Israeli products to North America
IBM (source) IBM invest heavily in Israel. IBM senior vice-president Lawrence Ricciardi, noted that his company employs 1700 people in Israel, said in an interview "This wedge of land and the huge ideals it represents are very important to IBM.
Intel (source) Intel very first centre outside the US was opened In Haifa in 1974. they have continued pouring investment in to Israel By 2000 they employ over 4000 israelis. Exports from their Lachish-Qiryat Gat plant in Israel total $ 3 million a day at peak capacity
Jaffa (source) MTEX set to take Agrexco’s place as Israel’s biggest agricultural exporter the focus of the international boycott campaign is now firmly on MTEX with actions already having taken place (Nov 2011) outside its UK headquartersand its French HQ
Johnson & Johnson (source) Johnson & Johnson received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli PM This is the highest tribute ever awarded by the Israel in recognition of those organizations, that their investments and trade relationships have done the most to strengthen the economy
Keter Plastic (source) Israels Keter Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of plastic consumer products. The Israeli plastics giant is privately owned by the Sagol family, and has a turnover of $1.1 billion, 90% of which is derived from overseas sales.
Kimberly Clark (source) In 1998 Mr. Robert P. Van der Merwe, chairman of Kimberly-Clark Europe received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded to people, that through their investments and trade relationships
La Senza (source) The company is headed by staunch Zionist Leslie Wexner. Leslie Wexner is also founder and head of the "Wexner Foundation" which has several programs to strengthen the Zionist identity within America
Loreal (source) L'Oreal has established Israel as its commercial center in the Middle East and has increased investment and manufacturing activities
Maya (source) The factory is located in Mishor Edomim industrial zone, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank.
Mehadrin Dairy Corporation (source) The company also provides loans to farmers and agricultural corporations who export their products through Mehadrin. Mehadrin owns three packing houses and a distribution center in the west bank
Mitsubishi (source) The Mitsubishi Pajero Model is been used by the Israeli civil administration for the distribution of demolition and confiscation orders in Area C
MOROCCANOIL Israel, Ltd. (source) Israel company with the 7 29 barcode, exploits illegal Israeli settlements in the west bank
Motorola (source) Motorola, received the Jubilee Award presented by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded by Israel in recognition of those organizations, that through their trade, have done the most to strengthen the economy
Nestle (source) In 1998, Mr. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe on behalf of Nestle, received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Following the award in June 2002 Nestle opened its Research & Development Centre in Israel
Osem (source) Osem is Israels 4th largest food & beverages company (by turnover) after Tnuva, Strauss and Coca-Cola. It has a turnover of $712 million and nearly 5000 employees with 14 factories in Israel.
Revlon (source) Financier billionaire Ronald Perelman, who controls cosmetics maker Revlon, is a zionist he owns New World Entertainment & Forbes. He supports zionist for example he is a trustee of The Simon Wiesenthal Center which uses the holocaust to promote Zionism
River Island Clothing Company (source) David Lewis, the Chairman of the company, is a prominent supporter of Israel . Mr Lewis’s activities have included the raising of money for the Jewish National Fund. He is also a member of the Israel-Britain Business Council
Sabra Hummus (source) Sabra's Israeli parent company, Strauss, for providing care packages to the Golani Brigade, a branch of the Israeli army that has allegedly committed human-rights abuses in the West Bank and Gaza.
Shufersal (source) The company built a commercial center in Mishor Edomim, which is the industrial zone of the West Bank settlement of Ma'ale Adumim.
Siemens (source) Traffic control systems of the company are installed by its Israeli representative, Orad Group, on apartheid roads
Siemens Appliances (source) Sells products to Israel armed forces and government
SodaStream (source) Israeli company,The company’s main plant is located in the industrial zone of Mishor Edomim which is an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank, Palestinians are paid less than half the minimum wage
Strauss (source) Strauss Group, Israel's second largest food company with a turnover $1.8 billion, is complicit in Israel's illegal occupation by its close links to the most brutal high-tech military
Taro (source) The company develops, manufactures and markets prescription and OTC pharmaceutical products, primarily in the United States, Canada and Israel
Tesco PLC (source) Tesco stores stock a large amount of produce grown in the Occupied Territories and purchased from the Israeli state, including fruit and vegetables from producer Carmel-Agrexco
Teva Group (source) Palestinian captive market
Teva Naot (source) Operate an outlet store in Kfar Etzion, Gush Etzion Industrial Zone, an Israeli settlement in the occupied Palestinian Territories
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (source) An Israeli company that is one of the largest generic drug manufacturers in the world. Ask your pharmacist and doctor to find another brand. It can and has been done! Be on the lookout for other Israeli generic drug brands.
The Coca Cola Company (source) Bought 43% of Neviot Water in 2001 for c. $20 million, a company which has 40% of the Israeli bottled water market
The Solar Group (source) manufactures petrol and LPG tanks and pressurized air tanks and provides heavy metal work, as well as logistical services. Its production facility is located in the Nitzanei Shalom industrial zone, which is a West Bank
Tivall Ltd. (source) Israeli food company Tivall is one of the world's leading suppliers of meat-substitute products. It has a turnover of $74 million and has 451 employees[59] It has a manufacturing base at Kibbutz Lochamei Hagetaot in Northern Israel
Tivall (source) Israeli food company Tivall is one of the world's leading suppliers of meat-substitute products. It has a turnover of $74 million and has 451 employees[59] It has a manufacturing base at Kibbutz Lochamei Hagetaot in Northern Israel
Toyota (source) Toyota supplies vehicles to the Israeli armed forces.
Victoria's Secret (source) one of the largest clients of Delta Galil, which operates a textile factory in the West Bank industrial zone of Barkan,Palestinians have also criticized the company for establishing its headquarters on land expropriated from Palestinians
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Please, can you add companies from this list to the app? It is appreciated. PS: Don't feed the trolls. Just let the dogs bark until they are bored. :) Facts are not on their side anyway!
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brilliant app's. pray for gazza..make dua fo all muslim
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I went to the store today and saw an Israeli product and hid all of them behind the other products.
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Well done, my friend. Well done indeed.

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Palestine vivra, Palestine vaincra !
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Don't respond to pro Israel comments. There is a lot of them that get paid simply to promote Israel on the Internet alone #freePalestine
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How can we add company's to the "boycott-list"? There are numerous companies here in holland that we need to add for the consumers.
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Email me the list and I will add it after some research 

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Please add the companies that are on this list: campaign is incomplete without the major players that are left out. Thanks.

[ - ] jackmorgan 1 points,

Conversely, when a company divests from Israel, it must be removed from the list. If companies are not rewarded for good behaviour then the whole concept does not work. Right now the list being used seems  correct, but my point is that this campaign must be able to adapt quickly to changes on the ground, in order to have the desired effect.

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je boycotte tu boycottes il boycoytte la guerre des prix!!! on va leur montrer une vraie guerre!!!! Assassins!!!!!
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save gaza
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Étrangement (ou pas ;) quand on ajoute la campagne de boycott contre Monsanto intitulée "Demand GMO labeling" certains produits qui ne figurent pas complètement dans les produits à boycotter pour la Palestine s'ajoutent à la liste comme UNILEVER par exemple ... Alors pourquoi ne pas vous intéresser à boycotter ce terroriste Monsanto en plus ?!?
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soyons tous des gazaouis
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Jack comments like this are not tolerated yes you have your own opinion but opinion needs to be based on fact which yours isn't you get your data from propaganda so please take a look at the truth and then talk to us, I will defiantly be hear to listen to any opinion or concern you have
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I think there's a misunderstanding. All I meant was: "if you need help, we can give you help". What is controversial about an offer of moral support? Because the fact is that you're putting yourself out there, exposing yourself to a potential media storm and all sorts of pressures, so chances are quite high that you will be needing support (not just from me but from a large group of people) in order to deal with that. And maybe you don't need that yet at this moment, but that could change at any moment.

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Amazing app hope it helps x
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3000 rockets fired killed 3 people. While israel fired 10000 bombs and killed more then 1800 destroyed 5000 homes injured 10000 people. No one's supporting terrorism because if they were supporting terrorism they wouldn't have downloaded this app. who ever don't have this app is supporting terrorism.
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@Boycott_israeli 👍👍👍 Instagram To save people life
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I avoid 5 products today😎👍 What about you 👇 Tell us about your story 👂
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Palestine Libre in sha Allah elle vivra et elle faut rester solidaire !
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Please, can you add companies from this list to the app? It is appreciated. PS: Don't feed the trolls. Just let the dogs bark until they are bored. :) Facts are not on their side anyway! People are afraid of BDS because it worked in South Africa and it works now.
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Please follow @boycott_israeli in Instagram to find the israeli products
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free palestine
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Really appreciate this campaign! I believe wholeheartedly in boycott and divestment campaigns, especially this one. This is an important campaign for ALL people of conscious, and it goes way beyond any ethnic or community distinctions (which, in fact, is the claim used by people that want to delegitimatize calls for justice in the region). The point is (and always has been) that zionism is an unstable and dangerous ideology for all people, and boycotting clearly sends a message that we will NOT support companies that try to enhance such ideas.  Thanks!!

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Israël assassin Palestine vivra et vaincra ❤️
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Mcdonalds has announced it refuses to build in settlements. Israelis are calling for a boycott of mcdonalds. Perhaps we should now support McDonald's. See article in huffington post.
[ - ] jackmorgan 1 points,

That's not good enough. They must be forced to fully divest from Israel.

[ - ] LukeBurgess 2 points,

Yeah it was all PR its all well and good saying they won't build there yet they give money to the occupation 

[ - ] mustafa-khan89 2 points,

It's great to see that McDonald's is at least appearing to take a step in the right direction, but we can't reward companies for making small concessions. McDonald's still does a lot of business with Israel. Until they fully denounce such a relationship and withdraw from Israel, we have to keep up the pressure in order to send a strong message. That said, it is good to see that companies are slowly getting the message.

[ - ] Redlum 1 points,

From the BDS website: "Companies such as Coca Cola and McDonald’s are not priorities for the BDS movement at this stage. We focus on companies that play a clear and direct role in sustaining Israeli violations of international law and that we can have a tangible impact upon."

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why boycotted egypt? you want boycotted what? they have nothing,no product.
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#FreePalestine #FreeGaza
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Moroccan Oil is made in Israel
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SaVe GaZa
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We are all palestinians !!!
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Frip: You Don't belong to this Humanitarian Campaign. You don't Have a Good Conscience to take part.