Schlage Lock Company UPCs

Likely owner: H. B. Ives
UPC 043156908264 UPC 043156908264
Schlage FE285 CAM 716 ACC RH Camelot Front Entry Handleset with Interior Accent Lever for Right Handed Door, Aged Bronze
UPC 044074681291 UPC 044074681291
Satin Nickel Sliding Door Pull
UPC 043156255269 UPC 043156255269
Schlage Lock Company Schlage FE51 ACC 505 CAM Built-in Alarm, Camelot Collection Accent Keyed Entry Lever Door Lock, Bright Brass
UPC 043156121441 UPC 043156121441
Schlage Lock Company Schlage F10 GEO 716 CAM Camelot Collection Georgian Passage Knob, Aged Bronze
UPC 043156164448 UPC 043156164448
Schlage F58 ADD 620 Addison Exterior Handleset with Deadbolt, Antique Pewter (Exterior Half Only)
UPC 043156164356 UPC 043156164356
Schlage F58 Cam 620 Camelot Exterior Handleset With Deadbolt
UPC 043156820054 UPC 043156820054
Schlage Lock Company Schlage F10CHP605AND Polished Brass Passage Champagne Passage Door Lever Set Featuring Decorative Rosettes
UPC 043156222629 UPC 043156222629
Century Single Cylinder Handleset and Plymouth Knob, Aged Bronze (F60 CEN 716 PLY)
UPC 043156762798 UPC 043156762798
Schlage F51 Acc 613 Cam Camelot Collection Accent Keyed Entry Lever
UPC 043156742905 UPC 043156742905
Dexter by Schlage J170BYR630 Byron Decorative Inactive Trim Knob, Satin Stainless Steel
UPC 044074720549 UPC 044074720549
Schlage Lock Company Ives by Schlage 991A-716 Sliding Door Pull
UPC 043156761647 UPC 043156761647
* F51 Latitude 619 Cen 16211 10063 Century
UPC 043156756445 UPC 043156756445
Dexter by Schlage J10DOV630 Dover Hall and Closet Lever, Satin Stainless Steel
UPC 043156165711 UPC 043156165711
Schlage Lock Company Schlage F59 GEO 620 Georgian Interior Knob with Deadbolt, Antique Pewter (Interior Half Only)
UPC 043156171613 UPC 043156171613
Camelot Single Cylinder Handleset and Accent Lever, Satin Nickel (F60 V CAM 619 ACC)
UPC 043156782161 UPC 043156782161
Schlage Lock Company SCHLAGE LOCK CO F170VSIE605 Siena Dummy Knob, Brass
UPC 043156886708 UPC 043156886708
Schlage Lock Company Schlage F51AVA716 Avanti Keyed Entry Lever, Aged Bronze
UPC 043156820634 UPC 043156820634
Schlage F40-CHP-AND Champagne Privacy Door Lever Set with Decorative Andover Tri
UPC 043156171385 UPC 043156171385
Schlage Lock Company Schlage FB50N V FLA 619 B60 Single Cylinder Deadbolt and F51 Keyed Entry Flair Lever Keyed Alike, Satin Nickel finish
UPC 043156993246 UPC 043156993246
Schlage Lock Company Schlage F170ACC620RH Accent Right Hand Dummy Lever, Antique Pewter
UPC 043156818532 UPC 043156818532
Schlage Lock Company Dexter by Schlage JC60VJ54VTOR619 Torino Combo Kit, Satin Nickel
UPC 043156172696 UPC 043156172696
Schlage Lock Company Addison Single Cylinder Handleset and Georgian Knob, Matte Black (F60 ADD 622 GEO)
UPC 043156390083 UPC 043156390083
Schlage Lock Company Schlage B60N ADD 622 Addison Single Cylinder Deadbolt, Matte Black
UPC 043156112333 UPC 043156112333
Schlage Lock Company Schlage Lock Knob Dummy Plymouth Matte Blk F170PLY622
UPC 043156452972 UPC 043156452972
Schlage Lock Company Schlage F51A GEO 622 ADD Addison Collection Georgian Keyed Entry Knob, Matte Black
UPC 043156900879 UPC 043156900879
Schlage Lock Company Schlage FE575 CAM 626 ACC Camelot Keypad Entry with Auto-Lock and Accent Levers, Brushed Chrome
UPC 043156279517 UPC 043156279517
Schlage Lock Company Schlage F10 BIR 625 16-080 10-027 Birmingham Hall and Closet Lever, Bright Chrome
UPC 043156282661 UPC 043156282661
Schlage Lock Company Schlage F40 BIR 716 16-080 10-027 Birmingham Bed and Bath Lever, Aged Bronze
UPC 720018820406 UPC 720018820406
Schlage Lock Company Flex Steel Cable 7' x 5/8'
UPC 043156453023 UPC 043156453023
Schlage F51A GEO 625 CAM Camelot Collection Georgian Keyed Entry Knob, Bright Chrome