Dogeared UPCs

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UPC 845918089132 UPC 845918089132
Dogeared "Bridal" Bridesmaid Silver White Button Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace, 16"
UPC 845918037232 UPC 845918037232
Dogeared "Pearls of Love" Sterling Silver and Pearl Necklace, 18"
UPC 845918037102 UPC 845918037102
Dogeared "It's the Little Things" Sterling Silver Elephant Post Earrings
UPC 845918037225 UPC 845918037225
Dogeared "3 Wishes" Gold-Plated Silver Stardust Bead Necklace
UPC 845918036822 UPC 845918036822
Dogeared "Faith" 14k Gold-Plated Silver Sideways Cross Pendant Necklace, 18"
UPC 845918037034 UPC 845918037034
Dogeared Karma "The Circle Necklace" Gold-Plated Silver, 16"
UPC 845918071779 UPC 845918071779
Dogeared Gold Dipped So Cute-Hedgehog Necklace, 16"
UPC 845918062180 UPC 845918062180
Dogeared "Reminders" Gold-Plated Sand Dollar Charm Necklace
UPC 845918059500 UPC 845918059500
Dogeared "State Of Mind" Gold Dipped Texas Necklace, 18"
UPC 845918087848 UPC 845918087848
Dogeared "Balance" Flat Bar Gold Stud Earrings
UPC 845918021637 UPC 845918021637
Dogeared "Karma" Yellow and Rose Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Three-Ring Necklace, 18"
UPC 845918037331 UPC 845918037331
Dogeared Reminder "Family" Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Whale Pendant Necklace
UPC 845918036815 UPC 845918036815
Dogeared "Faith" Sterling Silver Small Sideways Cross Pendant Necklace, 18"
UPC 845918098875 UPC 845918098875
Dogeared You Are Loved Faceted Heart Sterling Silver Chain Necklace
UPC 845918060469 UPC 845918060469
Dogeared New Beginnings Rising Lotus Gold Dipped Reminder Boxed Necklace
UPC 845918088036 UPC 845918088036
Dogeared Reminders "Mind, Body, and Spirit" Om Disc Charm Necklace
UPC 845918029466 UPC 845918029466
Dogeared Reminder "Good Luck" Gold Dipped Boxed Elephant Pendant Necklace
UPC 845918005293 UPC 845918005293
Dogeared "Pearls of . . . Love" Gold 8mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 18"
UPC 845918075692 UPC 845918075692
Dogeared "Reminders" New Beginnings Rising Lotus Gold Charm Necklace
UPC 845918083512 UPC 845918083512
Dogeared "Karma" Linked Gold Ring Pendant Necklace, 18"+ 2" Extender
UPC 845918037096 UPC 845918037096
Dogeared "It's the Little Things" Sterling Silver Heart Post Earrings
UPC 845918042106 UPC 845918042106
Dogeared Good Karma, Gold Happy Lotus Necklace, 16"
UPC 844923093103 UPC 844923093103
Dogeared "wake Up. Kick Axx. Sleep. Repeat" Big Tote Handbag -sale
UPC 845918091982 UPC 845918091982
Dogeared Love My Daughter Feather Heart with Sterling Silver Cupid Heart Gold Dipped Chain Necklace
UPC 845918060179 UPC 845918060179
Dogeared Pearls of Happiness Freshwater Cultured Sterling Silver 16" Boxed Necklace
UPC 845918060155 UPC 845918060155
Dogeared Pearls Of Friendship Freshwater Cultured Sterling Silver 16" Necklace
UPC 845918060384 UPC 845918060384
Dogeared Accomplish Magnificent Things Gold Dipped Reminder Box Necklace
UPC 845918098332 UPC 845918098332
Dogeared Women's Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are Lil' Zip Canvas Tote
UPC 845918086322 UPC 845918086322
Dogeared Women's "Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are" Tote Natural Tote
UPC 845918095485 UPC 845918095485
Dogeared "Balance" Flat Bar Silver Stud Earrings