T&S Brass UPCs

Likely owner: T & S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc.
UPC 671262040914 UPC 671262040914
T&S Brass T and S Brass 966502 Chrome Spray Valve Bonnet Assembly with Self-Closing Push-Button Cartridge
UPC 671262002455 UPC 671262002455
T&S Brass TS Brass B-0221 Deck Mount Fixing Faucet, Chrome
UPC 671262002691 UPC 671262002691
T&S Brass TS Brass B-0230-LN Swivel Base Faucet Chrome
UPC 671262002721 UPC 671262002721
"T and S Brass Double Pantry Faucet w/ 12"" Swing Nozzle - Wall Mounted, 8"" Centers"
UPC 671262000284 UPC 671262000284
T&S BRASS B-0044-H 44" Flexible Stainless Steel Hose
UPC 671262596626 UPC 671262596626
T&S Brass TS Brass EQ-5EF-1D-DG Equip Deck-Mount Electronic Faucet, Chrome
UPC 671262006392 UPC 671262006392
T&S Brass TS Brass B-0674-RGH Service Sink Faucet, Chrome
UPC 671262003704 UPC 671262003704
T&S Brass B-0315 Wall Mount Vertical Double Pantry Faucet with Rigid Gooseneck and Four-Arm Handles
UPC 671262593007 UPC 671262593007
T&S Brass B-3952 Waste Drain Valve with Twist Handle
UPC 671262010443 UPC 671262010443
T&S Brass B-1210-01 Glass Filler, 10-Inch Deck Mount Pedestal, 1/2-Inch Npt Male Shank
UPC 671262040495 UPC 671262040495
T&S Brass TS Brass 002714-40 Hot Stem Assembly with Handle
UPC 671262688864 UPC 671262688864
T&s Brass B-0225-cr
UPC 671262566193 UPC 671262566193
T&S Brass 5HSE44 Hose with 44 Flex Stainless Steel and Black Handle
UPC 671262000512 UPC 671262000512
T&S Brass T and S Brass 632729 Chrome Pre-Rinse Spray Valve with 44" Flexible Stainless Steel Hose and 1.42GPM Spray Face
UPC 671262000031 UPC 671262000031
T&s Brass B-cvh3-4 Check Valve
UPC 210610449117 UPC 210610449117
T&S Brass B-GFE Garden Hose Outlet
UPC 671262000444 UPC 671262000444
T&S Brass B-0068-HML 68-Inch Flexible Stainless Steel Hose
UPC 211112052911 UPC 211112052911
T&S Brass B-0068-HML 68-Inch Flexible Stainless Steel Hose
UPC 013389119232 UPC 013389119232
T&S Brass B-0508-LKS Single Pedal Valve Wall Mount Straight Loose Key Stop
UPC 671262009430 UPC 671262009430
T&S Brass Centerset Workboard Faucet with Double Lever Handles
UPC 671262002066 UPC 671262002066
T&s Brass B-0200-lnm Double Pantry Base
UPC 671262002233 UPC 671262002233
T&s Brass B-0210-lnm Single Sink Faucet
UPC 671262003568 UPC 671262003568
T&s Brass B-0305-lnm Single Pantry Faucet
UPC 671262003940 UPC 671262003940
T&s Brass B-0330-lnm Faucet
UPC 671262723619 UPC 671262723619
T&S Brass MPZ-2DLN-06-CRP Mini Pre-Rinse Unit B-0113 with 6-Inch Swing Nozzle, C
UPC 671262755818 UPC 671262755818
T&s Brass Mpr-8wln-12 Mini-pru Wall Mount Faucet With B-0108, 12" Swing Nozzle,
UPC 782247541187 UPC 782247541187
T&S Brass 012534-45 B-0113 Pru Flex Supply Hoses ( by T&S Brass
UPC 671262739368 UPC 671262739368
T&s Brass B-1433-01m-qds
UPC 256111871569 UPC 256111871569
T&S Brass B-0225 Double Pantry Faucet, Deck Mount, 4" Centers, 12" Swing Nozzle
UPC 671262541411 UPC 671262541411
T&S Brass B-0133-BQD EasyInstall Prerinse Unit