SureFire UPCs

Likely owner: Frito-Lay North America, Inc.
UPC 084871852807 UPC 084871852807
Grip Switch Assembly for SureFire X-Series WeaponLights
UPC 084871321617 UPC 084871321617
SureFire 2211-A-BK-LMX Luminox Compact Wrist Light
UPC 084871318211 UPC 084871318211
SureFire Minimus AA Variable-Output LED Headlamp, 3.3' (1.0 m) Waterproofing
UPC 084871843676 UPC 084871843676
SureFire FM63 Infrared Filter for 1.47" Bezel
UPC 084871841214 UPC 084871841214
194491 Surefire Light Holster
UPC 084871314824 UPC 084871314824
Surefire EWP 04 Writing Pen Black
UPC 084871880015 UPC 084871880015
Surefire Spares Executive Series Carrier
UPC 084871320382 UPC 084871320382
Surefire G2X Pro Dual Output LED Flashlight, Yellow
UPC 084871311434 UPC 084871311434
Surefire Sonic Defenders Plus Passive Hearing Protection Large 1 EAREP4LPR
EAN 6926327600119 EAN 6926327600119
SureFire HS2 Minimus Tactical - Variable-Output High-Intensity LED Headlamp (1-100 Lumens/1.5-50 Hou
UPC 084871315166 UPC 084871315166
SureFire EP3 Hearing Protectors Sonic Defenders
UPC 084871317917 UPC 084871317917
Ear Pro By Surefire Sonic Defender Ear Plugs (1-Pair) Clear, Large
UPC 084871310901 UPC 084871310901
SureFire Batteries
UPC 084871851237 UPC 084871851237
Remote Dual Preassure Switch for SureFire WeaponLights
UPC 084871100090 UPC 084871100090
SureFire M1 Infrared Illuminator LED Flashlight with Lexan Window, TailCap Switc
UPC 084871320337 UPC 084871320337
SureFire G2X Tactical Single-Output LED Flashlight, 320 Lumens, Tan
UPC 084871126151 UPC 084871126151
Surefire E2L Outdoorsman Dual Output LED
UPC 084871320627 UPC 084871320627
SureFire EB1 Backup Click Switch Dual-Output LED Flashlight, Black
UPC 084871312714 UPC 084871312714
SureFire V2 Vampire Dual-Spectrum LED Flashlight, Tailcap Switch, Maximum 100 Lu
UPC 084871317962 UPC 084871317962
SureFire Sonic Defender Max EP5 Hearing Protector, Medium, 1 Pair, Orange
UPC 084871843331 UPC 084871843331
SureFire FM33 Infrared Filter for Flashlights with 1.25" Bezel
UPC 084871318877 UPC 084871318877
SureFire Sonic Defenders Plus Filtered Flanged Earplugs, Orange, Small
UPC 084871323925 UPC 084871323925
SureFire P2X Fury Dual-Output LED Flashlight with anodizded aluminum body, Black
UPC 084871324670 UPC 084871324670
SureFire M300 Mini Scout Light Rail-Mountable LED WeaponLight with Z68 Click Tailcap, Black
UPC 084871321495 UPC 084871321495
SureFire G2X Fire Rescue Single-Output LED with Black Jack Mount
UPC 084871323031 UPC 084871323031
SureFire X400V-IRC Dual-Spectrum LED WeaponLight with Infrared Laser
UPC 084871325349 UPC 084871325349
SureFire X400V-B-IRC X400 Vampire 120M Wire Laser Light, Black, 350 lm
UPC 084871324014 UPC 084871324014
SureFire 18650 Protected Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery with Ac & DC Car Charger, Black
UPC 084871100069 UPC 084871100069
Surefire Mb20 Guardian Battery Carrier Assemb M6lt/m6 (holds 6 Sf123a Batteries)
UPC 011518000086 UPC 011518000086
Surefire Headlamp Maximus, Liion Rechargeable Black Hs3Abk