X-Games UPCs

Likely owner: Kent International, Inc.
UPC 016751316123 UPC 016751316123
X-Games 16-in. Bike Boys
UPC 016751318127 UPC 016751318127
X-Games 18-in. Bike Boys
UPC 016751320229 UPC 016751320229
X-Games 20-in. Bike Boys
UPC 016751320250 UPC 016751320250
X-Games 20-in. Bike Girls
UPC 016751978352 UPC 016751978352
X-Games Big Air Pro Deluxe Youth Elbow, Knee and Wrist Pad Set
UPC 016751978345 UPC 016751978345
X-Games Big Air Youth Elbow and Knee Pad Set