H.B. Ives UPCs

Product categories: Latches
Likely owner: H. B. Ives
UPC 044074075007 UPC 044074075007
Ives by Schlage 07A-W Window Lock
UPC 044074126402 UPC 044074126402
H.B. Ives Ives FS45510B Oil Rubbed Bronze Kick Stop Kick Down Door Holder for 4" or Less
UPC 044074076868 UPC 044074076868
UPC 044074116618 UPC 044074116618
H.B. Ives Ives 345B26 Polished Chrome Ball Wrought Brass Ball Catch 3/4 ft. x 1 1/2" x 1"
UPC 044074121070 UPC 044074121070
H.B. Ives Ives WS407CCV32D Satin Stainless Steel Wall Stop Wrought Brass Aluminum or Stain
UPC 044074134391 UPC 044074134391
H.B. Ives Ives 572MB26 Polished Chrome Coat and Hat Step Up Traditional Cast Brass Coat an
UPC 044074135077 UPC 044074135077
H.B. Ives Ives 581A92 Aluminum Wardrobe Low Profile Single Cast Aluminum Wardrobe Hook wit
UPC 044074134513 UPC 044074134513
H.B. Ives Ives 574A26 Polished Chrome Coat and Hat Contemporary 4 3/4" Height Cast Aluminu
UPC 044074134162 UPC 044074134162
H.B. Ives Ives 571A10 Satin Bronze Coat and Hat Traditional Cast Aluminum Coat and Hat Hoo
UPC 044074123906 UPC 044074123906
H.B. Ives Ives FS43826D Satin Chrome Floor Stop Heavy Duty Cast Dome Floor Door Stop 1 3/8
UPC 044074122466 UPC 044074122466
H.B. Ives Ives 42B3 Polished Brass Pocket Door Bolt Brass Pocket Sliding Door Bolt 3 1/16"
UPC 044074121018 UPC 044074121018
H.B. Ives Ives WS407CCV26D Satin Chrome Wall Stop Wrought Brass Aluminum or Stainless Stee
UPC 044074108194 UPC 044074108194
H.B. Ives Ives 227B26D Satin Chrome Flush Pull Wrought Brass Rectangle Flush Pull 3 5/8" x
UPC 044074074840 UPC 044074074840
H.B. Ives Ives 405A3 Polished Brass Coat and Hat 2 1/2" Projection Cast Aluminum Coat and
UPC 044074075168 UPC 044074075168
H.B. Ives Ives 581AW White Wardrobe Low Profile Single Cast Aluminum Wardrobe Hook with 1
UPC 044074124583 UPC 044074124583
H.B. Ives Ives FS44126D Satin Chrome Floor Stop 2 1/8" Height Floor Door Stop
UPC 044074074826 UPC 044074074826
H.B. Ives Ives 326A92 Aluminum Magnetic Heavy Duty Self Aligning Dual Double Pole Magnetic
UPC 044074206708 UPC 044074206708
H.B. Ives 6in X 34in Kickplate (SC8400PA3 6X34)
UPC 044074429800 UPC 044074429800
H.B. Ives Decorative Hasp Brass Ives Chest Hardware C9122f3 Polished Brass Brass
UPC 044074206692 UPC 044074206692
H.B. Ives 6in X 30in Kickplate (SC8400PA3 6X30)
UPC 044074008630 UPC 044074008630
H.B. Ives 8in X 34in Aluminum Kickplate (SC8400PA28 8X34)
UPC 044074579253 UPC 044074579253
H.B. Ives Ives 059B10B Oil Rubbed Bronze Hand Rail Bracket Solid Brass Handrail Bracket wi
UPC 044074563184 UPC 044074563184
H.B. Ives 8X34 KICK PLATE (H. B. Ives C8400B-613)
UPC 044074680485 UPC 044074680485
H.B. Ives Ives SC23006716 Aged Bronze Address Numbers 4 Inch Brass Classic House Number 0
UPC 044074680515 UPC 044074680515
H.B. Ives Ives SC23036716 Aged Bronze Address Numbers 4 Inch Brass Classic House Number 3
UPC 044074074994 UPC 044074074994
H.B. Ives H. B. Ive SP582-A3 WARDROBE HOOK
UPC 044074996449 UPC 044074996449
H.B. Ives Ives FB61P US32D Constant Latching Flush Bolts for Wood Door, Pair of Top
UPC 044074573916 UPC 044074573916
Door Stop Bright Chrome Ives Door Stops CP61MB-625 Bright Chrome Solid Brass
UPC 044074004021 UPC 044074004021
H.B. Ives H. B. Ive Door Viewer - Solid Brass
UPC 044074585780 UPC 044074585780
3.5 square chrome hing