Playmates UPCs

Product categories: Action Figures, Single Cards
Likely owner: Playmates Industrial Co. Ltd.
UPC 043377060352 UPC 043377060352
Playmates Toys Inc. 4.5" Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi in 6th Season Uniform Star Trek: The Next Generation
UPC 043377060291 UPC 043377060291
Playmates Captain Montgomery Scott Action Figure As Seen in the Star Trek: Next Gext Generation Episode "Relics"
UPC 043377664451 UPC 043377664451
Playmates My Life Handheld Portable Console
UPC 043377060710 UPC 043377060710
Playmates Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 1st Season Uniform from Star Trek: The Next Generatio
UPC 043377069607 UPC 043377069607
Star Trek the Next Generation Lt. Commander Geordi Laforge in Movie Uniform 4.5" Action Figure by Playmates
UPC 043377064282 UPC 043377064282
Playmates Star Trek Next Generation Action Figure - Dr Katherine Pulaski
UPC 043377060192 UPC 043377060192
Playmates Star Trek the Next Generation Dr. Beverly Crusher with Silver Accesories
UPC 043377062028 UPC 043377062028
Playmates Star Trek Deep Space Nine Security Chief Odo Action Figure Autographed
UPC 043377060536 UPC 043377060536
Playmates Toys Inc. Star Trek TNG Gowron The Klingon
UPC 043377060376 UPC 043377060376
Playmates Toys Inc. Hugh Borg 4" Action Figure Star Trek: The Next Generation
UPC 043377060581 UPC 043377060581
Playmates Star Trek The Next Generation Q in Starfleet Uniform 4 inch Action Figure
UPC 043377062431 UPC 043377062431
Playmates Toys Inc. 4.5" Dr. Julian Bashir in Starfleet Duty Uniform Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
UPC 043377651307 UPC 043377651307
Playmates Star Trek; First Contact, Wfs 5, Borg Queen 5" Action Figure - 1998 -
UPC 043377908135 UPC 043377908135
Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Micro Comic Series, Michelangelo Action Figure
UPC 043377971627 UPC 043377971627
OOglies ~ Swandrea Ooglies by Playmates
UPC 710377818008 UPC 710377818008
Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Collection, Secret of the Ooze Movie II, 19
UPC 043377653578 UPC 043377653578
Playmates Star Trek; Insurrection, Capt. Picard & Ad'har Ru'afo 9" Figures - 1998 - Misb
UPC 043377665922 UPC 043377665922
Playmates My Life Fashion Key Set #4
UPC 043377406761 UPC 043377406761
Playmates Springfield DMV With Selma Bouvier
UPC 043377015017 UPC 043377015017
Seaquest Dsv Captain Nathan Hale Bridger 4.5"in Action Figure 1993 Playmates
UPC 043377015031 UPC 043377015031
Seaquest Dsv Action Figure Lucas Wolenczak Noc 1993 Playmates
UPC 043377015048 UPC 043377015048
Playmates Seaquest Dsv Hitchcock Figure
UPC 043377208723 UPC 043377208723
Playmates iCarly Backwordz
UPC 043377161158 UPC 043377161158
Playmates Toys Inc. Star Trek First Contact Captain Picard in Starfleet Space 6 inch Action Figure
UPC 043377064367 UPC 043377064367
Playmates Toys Inc. Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 5 The Traveler Action Figure
UPC 043377064329 UPC 043377064329
Playmates Star Trek-Captain Picard as Galen, as an Intergalactic Pirate from the episode "The Gambit"-1995-4.5"
UPC 043377060314 UPC 043377060314
Playmates Star Trek The Next Generation Lieutenant Commander Data as Romulan 4 inch Action Figure
UPC 043377161080 UPC 043377161080
The Borg 6 Action Figure - Star Trek: First Contact
UPC 043377654216 UPC 043377654216
Star Trek: Transporter Series-LT. Commander Data
UPC 043377654322 UPC 043377654322
4.5" Commander William T. Riker Action Figure - Star Trek Transporter Series