Enesco UPCs

Likely owner: Enesco Corporation
UPC 045544575416 UPC 045544575416
Enesco Trail of Painted Ponies Crossroads Figurine, 8.75-Inch
UPC 045544616171 UPC 045544616171
Enesco Hoots N' Howlers by Lorrie Veasey Nerd Owl Mug, 16-Ounce
UPC 045544518253 UPC 045544518253
Enesco Our Name is Mud Born in The 70's Mug, 4.5-inch
UPC 045544522878 UPC 045544522878
Enesco Enesco Jim Shore Wizard of Oz GLINDA Figurine, 9-Inch
UPC 045544577458 UPC 045544577458
Enesco Foundations Santa With Hearts Ornament By Artist Karen Hahn, 4.13-inch
UPC 045544175906 UPC 045544175906
Lifelines from Enesco Hard Work Plaque, 3.6-Inch
UPC 045544577342 UPC 045544577342
Enesco Foundations Holy Family Figurine by Artist Karen Hahn, 9.45-Inch
UPC 045544610759 UPC 045544610759
Enesco Foundations Expectant Mother Figurine, 9.17-Inch
UPC 045544564090 UPC 045544564090
Enesco Foundations Anniversary Couple Dancing Figurine, 9.25-Inch
UPC 045544432382 UPC 045544432382
Enesco Gift Enesco Foundations Thank You Mini Angel Figurine, 4-1/4-Inch
UPC 045544441049 UPC 045544441049
Enesco 4026109 Our Name Is Mud by Lorrie Veasey Crazy Cat Lady Mug, 4-1/2-Inch
UPC 045544458061 UPC 045544458061
Enesco May You Feel His Comforting Presence
UPC 045544492942 UPC 045544492942
Enesco 4029333 Mug Be Joyful Mug, 4-1/2-Inch
UPC 045544444705 UPC 045544444705
Enesco Disney by Britto Mickey Mini Figurine, 2.6-Inch
UPC 045544530378 UPC 045544530378
Enesco Foundations Irish Angel Figurine, 7.68-Inch
UPC 045544506687 UPC 045544506687
Enesco Our Name is Mud Wicked 16 oz Mug, 4 1/2 in
UPC 045544059435 UPC 045544059435
Enesco Porcelain Figurine
UPC 045544663113 UPC 045544663113
Enesco Brighten-Up Porcelain Hanging Ornament
UPC 045544730792 UPC 045544730792
Enesco Jar/vase-you Are Loved
UPC 045544650588 UPC 045544650588
Jim Shore for Enesco Disney Traditions Frozen Elsa and Anna
UPC 045544755825 UPC 045544755825
Enesco Frozen Figurines from Enesco Disney Showcase Elsa
UPC 045544804660 UPC 045544804660
Enesco Jim Shore Victorian Snowman With Top Hat Christmas Tree Ornament 4047683 Hwc
UPC 045544628181 UPC 045544628181
Enesco Osm - Brac Honey Multi Bead Cuff
UPC 045544676762 UPC 045544676762
Enesco Trail of Painted Ponies Christmas Canter Figurine, 6.5-Inch
UPC 045544678650 UPC 045544678650
Enesco Trail of Painted Ponies Empress of The Winds Figurine, 8.4"
UPC 045544622066 UPC 045544622066
Enesco Disney Showcase Rapunzel Figurine, 8-Inch
UPC 045544410045 UPC 045544410045
Disney By Britto From Enesco Minnie Mouse Keychain 3.5 In
UPC 045544821216 UPC 045544821216
Enesco 4049417 Peanuts by Jim Shore Snoopy with Birthday Cake Figurine
UPC 045544820882 UPC 045544820882
Enesco 4049382 Looney Tunes by Jim Shore Bugs Bunny Figurine
UPC 045544465618 UPC 045544465618
Enesco Trail of Painted Ponies Village Christmas Cookie Figurine, 7-1/4-Inch