The Shadow UPCs

Likely owner: Hasbro, Inc.
UPC 076281652269 UPC 076281652269
The Shadow Action Figure Dr. Mocquino Attacking Claw Staff 1994 Kenner
UPC 076281652405 UPC 076281652405
The Shadow Nightmist Cycle Vehicle W/ Suprise Attack Missile And Shadow Guard Canopy
UPC 076281652047 UPC 076281652047
The Shadow Ninja Shadow Action Figure
UPC 076281652030 UPC 076281652030
The Shadow Ambush With Quick Draw Action Figure
UPC 076281652023 UPC 076281652023
The Shadow Transforming Lamont Cranston Action Figure
UPC 076281652467 UPC 076281652467
Kenner Electronic Bullet-Proof Shadow Action Figure
UPC 076281652214 UPC 076281652214
The Shadow Battle Shiwan Khan Action Figure With Red Demon Armor [Toy]
UPC 076281652238 UPC 076281652238
The Shadow Shiwan Khan Action Figure