Hubbell UPCs

Likely owner: Harvey Hubbell, Inc
UPC 783585808734 UPC 783585808734
Hubbell Shore Power Plug Connector (50A 125/250V Male Plug)
UPC 783585403236 UPC 783585403236
Hubbell Wiring Systems HBL316P6W Plug with Cord Grip, 16A, 240V
UPC 783585006611 UPC 783585006611
Hubbell Wiring Systems SF3925 Brass Round Duplex Flap Cover and Flange, 6-1/4" Diameter
UPC 783585120508 UPC 783585120508
Hubbell Wiring Systems Hubbell HBL6PPS Spike Shield Non-Metallic Tamper Resistant Power Strip, 125V, 50/60Hz, 15A, 6' Cord Length, 6 Outlet, Off White
UPC 783585040530 UPC 783585040530
Hubbell 30 Amp 125V Square Plastic Shore Power Inlet (White)
UPC 783585118901 UPC 783585118901
Hubbell Wiring Systems S2525 Brass Round Floor Box Combination Single Service Cover, 3-7/8" Diameter, 2-1/8" x3/4" Opening
UPC 783585190105 UPC 783585190105
Hubbell Wiring Systems HBLC25163C Commercial Cord Reel with Connector, 25' Cable Length, 16/3 SJT Cable Type, 1250W, 10 Amp, 125VAC, Yellow
UPC 783585809434 UPC 783585809434
Hubbell Wiring Systems HBL7420 Cast Aluminum FS/FD Mount Wall Plate with WDL "Closed" Weatherproof Lift Cover, 1 Gang, 1-13/32" Opening
UPC 783585040523 UPC 783585040523
Hubbell 30 Amp 125V Stainless Steel Round Shore Power Inlet
UPC 783585124100 UPC 783585124100
Hubbell Wiring Systems S3925 Brass Round Floor Box Duplex Flap Single Service Cover, 3-7/8" Diameter
UPC 783585531939 UPC 783585531939
Hubbell Wiring Systems PT2X2SFGY Aluminum Fire-Rated Poke-Through Service Fitting, 7" Diameter x 16.67" Length, 3" Core Hole, Gray
UPC 783585808826 UPC 783585808826
Hubbell Wiring Systems HBL77CM16 Twist-Lock Ship-to-Shore Seal-Tite Cover for Weather Proofing 50A Plugs, Yellow
UPC 783585173009 UPC 783585173009
Hubbell Hbl5266c -- Straight Blade Products, Insulgrip Series
UPC 783585390826 UPC 783585390826
Hubbell Wiring Systems BB1001W Cast Aluminum Ship-to-Shore Back Box for Shore Power Inlet, 15 Degrees Angle, 1-1/2" NPT Hub, Gray
UPC 783585236155 UPC 783585236155
Hubbell Wiring Systems HBL2730 Twist-Lock Single Receptacle, 30 Amp, 480VAC, 3 Phase, 3 Pole, 4 Wire, Black
UPC 783585328843 UPC 783585328843
Hubbell Wiring Systems SR3050 Twist-Lock Ship-to-Shore Protective Rear Cover for 30A and 50A Inlet
UPC 783585808253 UPC 783585808253
Hubbell Adapter, One-Piece, 30A 125V, 2P 3W Twist-Lock Plug Male End to 15A or 20A 125V, 2P 3W Straight Blade Connector Body Female End
UPC 783585808499 UPC 783585808499
Hubbell FD Weatherproof Black Box
UPC 783585143699 UPC 783585143699
Hubbell AD1277GY1 Adaptive Technology Wall Switch, Ultrasonic and Passive Infrared, Gray 1 Button For Manual/Auto Control, 1 Circuit
UPC 783585040585 UPC 783585040585
Hubbell HBL504SS SS Inlet 50A 125/250V
UPC 783585808727 UPC 783585808727
Hubbell Shore Power Plug Connector (50A 125/250V Female Plug)
UPC 783585392707 UPC 783585392707
Hubbell WS1277W2 Passive Infrared Wall Switch, 2 Button, White, 1000sqft Max Sensing Range, 120/277VAC Voltage
UPC 783585173252 UPC 783585173252
Hubbell HBL5269C Connector Body 15A 125V NEMA 5-15R
UPC 783585174259 UPC 783585174259
Hubbell HBL5369C Connector, 20 amp, 125V, 5-20R, Black/White(Pack of 10)
UPC 783585808246 UPC 783585808246
Hubbell Adapter, One Piece, 15A 125V 2P 3W Straight Blage Plug Male End to 30A 125V 2P 3W Twist-Lock Connector Body Female End
UPC 050169008645 UPC 050169008645
UPC 783585831305 UPC 783585831305
Hubbell Wiring Systems YQ230 Intelligent Y Adapter, 50A, 125/250 VAC, Yellow
UPC 783585809427 UPC 783585809427
Hubbell Wiring Systems HBL74CM25WOA Ship-to-Shore Polycarbonate Spring-Loaded Li
UPC 783585353166 UPC 783585353166
Hubbell Wiring Systems HBL328DCR Locking Single Receptacle with Abuse-Resistant Face, 30A, 28 VDC, Yellow
UPC 783585179209 UPC 783585179209
Hubbell HBL8215C Plug, Hospital Grade, 15 amp, 125V, 5-15P, Black/White