Scientific Explorer UPCs

Likely owner: Poof-Slinky, Inc.
UPC 781968002229 UPC 781968002229
Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit
UPC 781968020193 UPC 781968020193
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Wacky Weird Weather Kit, 0S6802019
UPC 781968002489 UPC 781968002489
Scientific Explorer Tasty Science Ages 8 and up
UPC 781968020087 UPC 781968020087
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit with Decoder Glasses and Top Secret Mysteries, 8-Activities, 0S6802008
UPC 781968002205 UPC 781968002205
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Disgusting Gags and Pranks Kit, 12-Activities, 0SA220
UPC 781968002670 UPC 781968002670
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Heavenly Hair Kit, 7-Activities, 0SA267
UPC 781968002038 UPC 781968002038
Rocket Car Kit
UPC 781968002106 UPC 781968002106
Slinky Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit Osa210
UPC 781968002649 UPC 781968002649
POOF Slinky 0SA264 Scientific Explorer Make Your Own Shimmer Soap Kit, create 4 soaps
UPC 781968002304 UPC 781968002304
Ultimate Crystal Growing Kit
UPC 781968404009 UPC 781968404009
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Galileo Explorer Set with 40x Microscope, 12x30 Telescope and 4x60 Magnifier, 0SA404BL
UPC 781968002274 UPC 781968002274
UPC 781968020100 UPC 781968020100
POOF-Slinky 0S6802010 Scientific Explorer Disgusting Special Effects Makeup Kit 7-Activities
UPC 781968003004 UPC 781968003004
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Electrified Energy Lab with Circuit Board and Electric Burglar Alarm, 28-Activities, 0SA300
UPC 781968004032 UPC 781968004032
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Handheld Polaris Telescope with 30X Magnification, 0SA403BL
UPC 781968002595 UPC 781968002595
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Magnificent Manicure Kit, 0SA259
UPC 781968002007 UPC 781968002007
Scientific Explorer Meteor Rocket ...
UPC 781968005091 UPC 781968005091
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer My First Fizzy Foamy Science Kit, 7-Activities, 0SA509
UPC 823686991918 UPC 823686991918
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Perfumery Science Kit, 10-Activities, 0SA223BL
UPC 071547064008 UPC 071547064008
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Space Theater Light-Up Ceiling Planetarium, 06400
UPC 071547074526 UPC 071547074526
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Our Amazing Mummies Model Kit with Plaster and 48-Page Fun and Fact Manual, 8-Activities, 07452
UPC 781968002571 UPC 781968002571
Poof Scientific Explorer Bubble Gum Factory
UPC 781968002236 UPC 781968002236
Scientific Explorers Perfumery Kit
UPC 781968002472 UPC 781968002472
Magic Science Wizards Kit
UPC 781968002243 UPC 781968002243
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Sci-Fi Slime Science Kit, 0SA224
UPC 781968030031 UPC 781968030031
POOF-Slinky - Scientific Explorer Jr. My First Outer Space Science Kit, 4-Activites, 0S6803003
UPC 781968002564 UPC 781968002564
Scientific Explorer Sour Candy Kit
UPC 071547087014 UPC 071547087014
Scientific Explorer SlinkyScience Young Architect
UPC 071547020233 UPC 071547020233
Scientific Explorer Slinky Science Secret Messages Kit
UPC 071547150008 UPC 071547150008
Scientific Explorer Slinky ScienceSpyhawk Night Vision Goggles