Prime Wire UPCs

Likely owner: Gehr Electrical Products
UPC 054732823512 UPC 054732823512
Prime Wire Prime 973596 Home & Office Surge Protector, 2 Piece
UPC 054732816545 UPC 054732816545
Prime Wire & Cable TNINL2412 1-Outlet 24 Hour Electro Mechanical Timer with Nightlight
UPC 054732601356 UPC 054732601356
Prime Wire Prime Power Supply Cord 16 Gauge 3 Conductor Grounded
UPC 054732807581 UPC 054732807581
Prime Wire Prime PB802225 6 Outlet 1000 Joule Surge Protector, 4-foot cord, Black
UPC 054732100132 UPC 054732100132
Prime Wire & Cable EC501730 50-Foot 14/3 SJTW Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cord, Orange
UPC 054732807321 UPC 054732807321
Prime Wire Prime PB801124 6 Outlet Power Strip with 3-foot cord, White
UPC 054732807246 UPC 054732807246
Prime PB801020 6 Side Outlet White Power Tap
UPC 054732402267 UPC 054732402267
Prime Wire Prime CR003000 Portable Cord Reel with Metal Stand, Black, Holds 100-Ft of Cord
UPC 054732108510 UPC 054732108510
Prime Wire & Cable CR002002 Cord Storage Wheel, Black
UPC 054732100927 UPC 054732100927
Prime Wire Prime EC680506L Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord, Gray, 6-Feet
UPC 054732102846 UPC 054732102846
Prime Wire & Cable EC870615 15-Foot 16/2 SPT-2 Remote Switch Cord, White
UPC 054732103003 UPC 054732103003
Prime Wire & Cable EC883627 35-Foot 16/3 SJTW Patio and Deck Extension Cord, White
UPC 054732818266 UPC 054732818266
Prime Wire & Cable PBFSTAP 4-Outlet Wall Tap with Foot Switch with 6-Feet Cord
UPC 054732807406 UPC 054732807406
Prime Wire & Cable PB8100X2 6-Outlet Power Strips with 3-Foot Cord, White, 2-Pack
UPC 054732910113 UPC 054732910113
Prime Wire & Cable LT511725 25-Foot 14/3 SJTOW Bulldog Tough Extension Cord with Prime Light Indicator Light, Yellow
UPC 054732910014 UPC 054732910014
PRIME Wire and Cable Prime Wire & Cable LT511735 100-Foot 14/3 SJTOW Bulldog Tough Extension Cord with PrimeLight Indicator Light, Yellow
UPC 054732201051 UPC 054732201051
Prime Wire Prime GF420802 Shock Safe 2-Feet Outdoor Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Triple Adapter
UPC 054732811397 UPC 054732811397
Prime Wire Prime RVAD5030901 RV Adapter, 50 Amp Plug with Handle and 30 Amp Connector with Indicator Light and Handle
UPC 054732807468 UPC 054732807468
Prime Wire Prime 6-Outlet 400-Joule Surge 18" Cord, White
UPC 054732813186 UPC 054732813186
Prime Wire & Cable Prime Wire PB922009 6-Outlet Power Strip with Right Angle Plug and 14-3 SJT 3-Feet Cord
UPC 054732807499 UPC 054732807499
Prime Wire Prime PB802110 3 Outlet 1100 Joule Surge Tap, Auto Shut Down, White
UPC 054732910007 UPC 054732910007
Prime Wire and Cable 50-Foot 14/3 Sjtow Bulldog Lighted Outdoor
UPC 054732807567 UPC 054732807567
Prime Wire Prime PB802135 6 Outlet 1150 Joule Metal Surge Protector, 15-foot cord, Black
UPC 054732108305 UPC 054732108305
Prime Wire & Cable EC532725 25-Foot 14/3 SJTOW Farm and Shop Extension Cord, Black
UPC 054732810734 UPC 054732810734
Prime Wire & Cable DT9IW007 In-Wall 7 Day Digital Timer with 18 Settings
UPC 054732816552 UPC 054732816552
Prime Wire & Cable TNDHD002 2-Outlet Heavy Duty 7 day Digital Timer with 16 settings
UPC 054732600366 UPC 054732600366
Prime Wire Prime Power Strip
UPC 054732807208 UPC 054732807208
Prime Wire & Cable PB800012 12-Outlet 4-Foot Metal Power Strip with 6-Foot Cord, Black
UPC 054732811472 UPC 054732811472
Prime Wire Prime RVADT30901 Generator RV Adapter, 30 Amp Twist-to-Lock Plug and 30 Amp Connector with Indicator Light and Handle
UPC 054732910038 UPC 054732910038
PRIME Wire and Cable Prime Wire & Cable LT511830 50-Foot 12/3 SJTOW Bulldog Tough Extension Cord with PrimeLight Indicator Light,Yellow