Liberty Hardware UPCs

Likely owner: Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp.
UPC 781266517524 UPC 781266517524
Liberty Hardware PBF657 Brushed Satin Pewter Liberty Hardware PBF657
UPC 885785385197 UPC 885785385197
Liberty Hardware Liberty C080X1L-W-U1 Economy Magnetic Catch with Strike, 10-Pack
UPC 781266517548 UPC 781266517548
Liberty Hardware Seaside Cottage 1.45" Round Knob [Set of 3] Finish: Brushed Satin Pewter
UPC 885785397954 UPC 885785397954
Liberty Hardware Liberty P10513M-BIR-U1 1-1/2 Wood Round Cabinet Hardware Knob, 10 Pack
UPC 781266517517 UPC 781266517517
Liberty Hardware Liberty PBF656-BSP-C 35mm Turtle Cabinet Hardware Knob
UPC 885785331088 UPC 885785331088
Liberty Hardware Liberty P39955C-VBC-C 3-Inch Half Round Foot Cabinet Hardware Handle Pull
UPC 079171600005 UPC 079171600005
Liberty Hardware 600R Zinc Plated Back Plate Recessed Wall Clamp
UPC 022788642685 UPC 022788642685
Liberty Hardware Brainerd 64268 Traditional French Lace Single Switch Wall Plate / Switch Plate / Cover, Sponged Copper
UPC 022788000072 UPC 022788000072
Liberty Hardware Hinge-Brainerd MFG
UPC 885785319505 UPC 885785319505
LIBERTY P17478C-SN-C 3 Capital Cabinet Hardware Handle Pull
UPC 885785170601 UPC 885785170601
Liberty Hardware Liberty P01015-SS-C 224/304mm Cabinet Hardware Handle Steel Bar Pull
UPC 885785243015 UPC 885785243015
Liberty Hardware P17020C-110-C Stainless Finish Knobs Artesia Series 1-3/4 Inch
UPC 885785303979 UPC 885785303979
Liberty Hardware 65112RB Rubbed Bronze Knobs Avante Rubbed Bronze II Series 3-3/
UPC 885785304440 UPC 885785304440
Liberty Hardware 65224VB Bronze with Copper Highlights Pulls Bronze with Copper
UPC 885785304471 UPC 885785304471
Liberty Hardware 65237WI Wrought Iron Knobs Avante Iron Craft Series 1-1/4 Inch
UPC 885785384206 UPC 885785384206
Liberty Hardware PN0238L-CL-U Clear Knobs Victorian Glass Series 1-1/16 Inch Lon
UPC 022788789175 UPC 022788789175
Liberty Hardware P84200V-SN-C5 Satin Nickel Pulls 3-3/4 Inch Center to Center Ba
UPC 781266175687 UPC 781266175687
Liberty Hardware Liberty Series D69042 Mono Rail Drawer Slide
UPC 885785170564 UPC 885785170564
Liberty Hardware Liberty P01011-SS-C 64/115mm Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Handle Steel Bar Pull, Stainless Steel
UPC 885785170670 UPC 885785170670
Liberty Hardware P01022-SS-C 544/624mm Cabinet Hardware Handle Steel Bar Pull
UPC 885785318287 UPC 885785318287
Liberty Hardware Liberty P11747c-Sn-B 1-1/4 Garrett Cabinet Hardware Knob
UPC 885785223512 UPC 885785223512
Liberty Hardware P16586C-SN-C Satin Nickel Pulls Gio Series 5 Inch Center to Cen
UPC 022788692352 UPC 022788692352
Liberty Hardware BRAINERD/LIBERTY HDW 69235 2-1/2" Pew S Swirl Knob
UPC 022788789342 UPC 022788789342
Liberty Hardware P95722C-PBI-C5 Polished Brass and Ivory Pulls 3 Inch Center to
UPC 022788546407 UPC 022788546407
Liberty Hardware Kentworth Pull Handle Old World Pewter Brainerd P16588v-peo-c
UPC 022788327360 UPC 022788327360
Liberty Hardware A11520G-BRV-U Bronze Antique Part 1/4 Inch Shelf Support Peg
UPC 781266517647 UPC 781266517647
Liberty Hardware PBF508-BSP-C Brushed Satin Pewter Pulls Circles & Scrolls Serie
UPC 781266653536 UPC 781266653536
Liberty Hardware PN1850-BSP-C Brushed Satin Pewter Pulls French Romantics II Ser
UPC 022788691140 UPC 022788691140
Liberty Hardware P50081V-CHW-C7 Chrome and White Knobs 1-1/4 Inch Ceramic Insert
UPC 022788689437 UPC 022788689437
Liberty Hardware PBF454Y-CHW-CP Chrome and White Knobs 1-1/3 Inch Diameter Mushr