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App Lets Users Protest

Your next trip to the supermarket needn’t be all doom and gloom.

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Shopping with Your Values

Understand where your money is going to, what the politics and the values of the producers of goods really are.

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Ethical app gives users the choice to Buycott

Buycott speaks to shoppers who want to do more than voice their outrage

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Rid your shopping basket of unethical products

Ethical consumerism just got a little bit easier.

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App Cuts Through Marketing Campaigns

A powerful demonstration of how we can use new technology to cut through the marketing campaigns and political power of corporate interests. It’s an app that should be on everyone’s phone, until an even better, more comprehensive version comes along.

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Election day isn’t the only time we can make a difference

Buycott is a must have app for anyone who is politically active or just wants to stop giving money to companies that push agendas that they wouldn’t support personally.

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