Marvel Avengers Titan Hero UPCs

Likely owner: Hasbro, Inc.
UPC 653569711940 UPC 653569711940
Marvel Avengers Comic 4 Inch Action Figure Skrull Soldier Double Blade Axe!
UPC 653569949930 UPC 653569949930
Marvel Legends Captain America 6-inch Soldiers of A.I.M
UPC 653569486442 UPC 653569486442
Marvel 25th Anniversary Comic 2 Pack Storm And Night Crawler
UPC 653569355700 UPC 653569355700
Marvel Universe 3 3/4 Series 1 Action Figure Iron Man
UPC 653569711919 UPC 653569711919
Marvel Avengers Movie 4 Inch Action Figure Marvels Hawkeye Sunglasses 3 Launching Arrows!
UPC 630509505241 UPC 630509505241
Avengers Titan Hero Iron Man Action Figure
UPC 630509571338 UPC 630509571338
Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series 2-Pack, Crossbones and Vision
UPC 630509490523 UPC 630509490523
Marvel Spider-Man 6-inch Legends Series Symbiote Spider-Man