Intermatic UPCs

Likely owner: Intermatic Incorporated.
UPC 078275090088 UPC 078275090088
Intermatic Malibu Solar Powered Mosquito Inhibitor (MZ101)
UPC 078275171015 UPC 078275171015
Intermatic T171 SPST 24 Hour 125-Volt Time Switch with Type 1 Indoor Enclosure
UPC 078275175013 UPC 078275175013
Intermatic T175 24 Hour 125-Volt Time Switch with Type 1 Indoor Enclosure
UPC 078275121584 UPC 078275121584
Intermatic FM1D50A-12 Electronic 16A, 12VDC 24-Hour/7-Day Timer Module, Surface/
UPC 078275124998 UPC 078275124998
Intermatic K42-SW-A Knuckle for 1/2-Inch 14 NPSM Male Thread Device
UPC 078275465022 UPC 078275465022
Intermatic T7401BC 4PST 125-Volt 7-Day Mechanical Time Switch with Nema 1 Indoor
UPC 078275123762 UPC 078275123762
Intermatic GM40AVE 24-Hour/7-Day Electronic 40a, Spdt/Dpdt, Auto-Voltage, Nema 3
UPC 078275130111 UPC 078275130111
Intermatic WP1250MXD 4-5/8-Inch Deep Dual Gang Die Cast While-In-Use Cover
UPC 078275125216 UPC 078275125216
Intermatic IOS-DOV-IV Decorator PIR Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor
UPC 078275125230 UPC 078275125230
Intermatic IOS-DSIF-WH Decorator PIR Occupancy Sensor with Slide On/Off Button
UPC 078275467033 UPC 078275467033
Intermatic T7801BC 125-Volt 7-Day Mechanical Time Switch with Nema 1 Indoor Cove
UPC 078275121669 UPC 078275121669
Intermatic FM1D20A-24 16A, 24V, 50/60HZ Electronic 24-Hour/7-Day Timer Module, S
UPC 078275124370 UPC 078275124370
Intermatic IG1300-4T-2C3 120/240 VAC Single Phase Type 2 Surge Protection with F
UPC 078275097445 UPC 078275097445
Intermatic IG4TM Coaxial Cable Protector in NEMA Enclosure For Single Coax Line
UPC 078275116382 UPC 078275116382
Intermatic FM1D20-24U 24VAC/DC 24-Hour/7-Day Electronic Timer Module
UPC 078275172210 UPC 078275172210
Intermatic T172 SPST 24 Hour 208-277-Volt Time Switch with Type 1 Indoor Enclosu
UPC 078275045408 UPC 078275045408
Intermatic K121 Pole Bracket Adapter, Receptacle Only
UPC 078275511217 UPC 078275511217
Intermatic K1121 105/130 VAC Photo Controls with Adjustable Stem
UPC 078275118225 UPC 078275118225
Intermatic T8805M101C SPST 125-Volt Mechanical Cycle and Irrigation Timer Switch
UPC 078275179028 UPC 078275179028
Intermatic T1471BCR 4PST 24 Hour 125-Volt Time Switch with 3R Steel Case
UPC 078275023321 UPC 078275023321
Intermatic ML44T 44 Watt Low Voltage Lighting Transformer, Black
UPC 078275146136 UPC 078275146136
Intermatic IG2200-FMK Flush Mount Kit for Whole House Surge Protective Device
UPC 078275129993 UPC 078275129993
Intermatic FLL Series 250-Watt Dark Bronze Outdoor HID Large Flood Lighting Fixture
UPC 078275141131 UPC 078275141131
UPC 614573000000 UPC 614573000000
Intermatic 7-Day Outdoor Timer
UPC 614573275200 UPC 614573275200
Intermatic FWZ72K-240U Timer AC Hour Meter 240V Flush Mount Combo QC & Rear Acce
UPC 614573274104 UPC 614573274104
Intermatic FWZ72B-120U Timer 120V AC Hour Meter Flush Mount Combo QC & Rear Acce
UPC 078275146013 UPC 078275146013
Intermatic C8865 SPDT 1-Hour Repeat Cycle Switch, 20-Amps
UPC 078275700796 UPC 078275700796
Intermatic C8835 SPDT 30-Minute Repeat Cycle Switch, 20-Amps
UPC 078275147911 UPC 078275147911
Intermatic DT121K-2PK 7-Day Digital Indoor Timers, 2-Pack