Intermatic UPCs

Likely owner: Intermatic Incorporated.
UPC 078275041523 UPC 078275041523
CL115 Submersible 20-W Light
UPC 078275124721 UPC 078275124721
Intermatic WP3103C Outdoor 1 Gang Round Box, Clear
UPC 078275003705 UPC 078275003705
Intermatic RC2103S SPST 120/240-Volt Air Switch
UPC 078275124356 UPC 078275124356
Intermatic T30004R Pool/Spa Control Panel 1 T104M DPST
UPC 078275025073 UPC 078275025073
Intermatic 21T156A 4 Stand-Off Posts Pool/Spa
UPC 078275440203 UPC 078275440203
Intermatic E1020 24-Hour 15-Amps Multiple Program Heavy Duty Mechanical Timer
UPC 078275005013 UPC 078275005013
Intermatic Fd15mc 15-Minute Spring Loaded Wall Timer
UPC 078275005259 UPC 078275005259
UPC 078275184183 UPC 078275184183
Intermatic FF6H 6-Hour Spring Loaded Wall Timer, Plastic with Brushed Metal Effect
UPC 078275098176 UPC 078275098176
Intermatic ET8215CR NEMA 3R - 120-Volt - 277-Volt SPST 2 Circuit with Astronomic Programming and Momentary
UPC 078275089778 UPC 078275089778
Intermatic Et8115c 7-Day 20/30-Amps Spdt Electronic Astronomic Time Switch
UPC 078275109964 UPC 078275109964
Intermatic ET1105CR 24-Hour 30-Amps SPST Electronic Time Switch, Clock Voltage 120-Volt - 277-Volt NEMA 3R
UPC 078275077010 UPC 078275077010
Intermatic PB313E 24-Hour 16-Amps 120-Volt Electric Timer
UPC 078275046511 UPC 078275046511
UPC 078275701595 UPC 078275701595
Intermatic 2t2485ga Pool/Spa Metal Enclosure Timer
UPC 078275127586 UPC 078275127586
Intermatic Pe953 Multiwave Wireless Hand-Held Transceiver
UPC 078275186033 UPC 078275186033
Intermatic FD460MW 60-Minute Spring Loaded Wall Timer, White
UPC 078275022515 UPC 078275022515
Intermatic WP1000C Guardian Series Single Gang Weatherproof While-In-Use Cover
UPC 078275185517 UPC 078275185517
Intermatic FD5MW 5-Minute Spring Loaded Wall Timer, White
UPC 078275070271 UPC 078275070271
Intermatic PB374E Timer, 240V SPST 7-Day Digital Panel Mount Pool & Spa Timer
UPC 078275083462 UPC 078275083462
Intermatic T21004R 60-Amps Pool/Spa Control Panel T104M DPST
UPC 078275148826 UPC 078275148826
Intermatic LC2100 Multivoltage Twistlock Photocontrol
UPC 078275065550 UPC 078275065550
Intermatic RC127B 75-Feet Air Tubing and Button
UPC 078275065543 UPC 078275065543
Intermatic RC122B 25-Feet Intermatic Air Tubing and RC4G
UPC 078275040571 UPC 078275040571
Intermatic Pf1103 1.5/3hp Freeze Protection Thermostat Only
UPC 078275074002 UPC 078275074002
Intermatic FF2H 2-Hour Spring Loaded Wall Timer, Brushed Metal
UPC 078275143647 UPC 078275143647
Intermatic LED4536SC Specifier Grade Electronic Photo Control Locking-Type Mount
UPC 078275093447 UPC 078275093447
Intermatic LC2000 110-277-Volt Instant On/Off Locking Type Photocontrol
UPC 078275130173 UPC 078275130173
Intermatic EK4536 Electronic Photocontrols Locking Type
UPC 078275091658 UPC 078275091658
Intermatic K4536SST 105-305-Volt Solid State Locking Type with Energy Efficient Timer